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  9. Tobias http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a518679.pdf (printed page 108) a comparison of XML, gzipped XML and EXIed XML...for those interested
  10. Kev Interesting - although I'm not reading far enough to see what their documents are. I suspect that XMPP is at the end of things that gzip very well indeed.
  11. Kev I'd be more interested in comparisons for a bunch of XMPP stanzas.
  12. Tobias yup
  13. Tobias and EXI probably also does something to reduce CDATA right?
  14. Kev I assume it does something - whether it does anything better than gzip I don't know. I need to look into this stuff.
  15. Kev Dave Cridland: You're the compression expert. Do you know?
  16. Dave Cridland Not that I'm a compression expert, but as far as I know, EXI without schema knowledge is roughly the same as gzip - it's a binary DOM tree representation, gzipped.
  17. Dave Cridland It *is*, however, lighter weight to parse.
  18. Dave Cridland If it's schema-informed, then it can run a lot better (as it essentially uses the schema as an input dictionary, in compression terms).
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  20. Dave Cridland So to summarize - EXI without schema informing isn't interesting in the mainstream, but might now become interesting in the IoT - the processing power in a "device" being now big enough to handle XMPP/EXI. With schema negotiation done right, I think it could prove generally interesting.
  21. Kev Does having a schema make it further easier to parse, or just compress better?
  22. Dave Cridland I don't know.
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