XSF logo XMPP Council - 2013-05-01

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  12. Kev I'm intending being here for 1600, but I've got things going on so apologies if I'm a couple of minutes late.
  13. Tobias k
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  15. ralphm waves
  16. Tobias hi ralphm
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  19. psa brb
  20. Kev With a minute to spare :)
  21. Kev Right.
  22. Kev 1) Roll call.
  23. Kev I'm here :)
  24. Tobias so am i, and your clock goes wrong
  25. m&m I still have 30 seconds to go
  26. m&m d-:
  27. m&m is not here until then
  28. Kev I still have 30 seconds to go m&m @ 16:00
  29. Kev :p
  30. m&m presente
  31. m&m Kev: fix your clock d-:
  32. m&m anyway
  33. psa wanders back in
  34. Kev Poked MattJ.
  35. Kev ralphm?
  36. ralphm hi
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  38. MattJ Tada
  39. psa heh
  40. Kev I didn't have anything for agenda today.
  41. ralphm +1 for the calendar notification, by the way
  42. Kev But failed to send out such a mail. Did anyone have anything?
  43. m&m none from me
  44. Tobias neither here
  45. MattJ nor me
  46. ralphm I want to mention that I am not objecting to any of the xeps to be experimental, but share Kev's concerns
  47. Kev 2) Date of next meeting?
  48. MattJ My concerns with the suite of sensor XEPs have been voiced already, and things look like they're moving in the right direction
  49. Kev I'm OK for next Wednesday, other people?
  50. m&m whiskey foxtrot mike
  51. psa MattJ: happy to hear it
  52. Tobias wfm
  53. MattJ me too
  54. ralphm I'll likely not make it
  55. ralphm I'll be in San Antonio
  56. Kev Sounds exciting.
  57. Kev Happy for us to go ahead without?
  58. ralphm yeah, sure
  59. Kev Righty.
  60. Kev 4) AOB
  61. psa I've never been to San Antonio...
  62. ralphm psa: me neither. Rackspace's HQ is over there.
  63. m&m thinks Ralphm needs to find an excuse to come up to Denver
  64. psa :)
  65. Kev OK, I'll take that as no OB.
  66. Kev Which means we're done.
  67. Kev Thanks all
  68. m&m none from me (-
  69. Kev bangs the gavel.
  70. m&m grazie
  71. psa yepper
  72. psa thanks, Kev and all!
  73. ralphm m&m: agreed
  74. m&m ralphm: we need to introduce you to our nanobrewries
  75. psa pokes some more folks about XEP-0152 support
  76. ralphm hehe
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  81. ralphm "… from the just-use-xmpp dept."
  82. MattJ Success, validated by Slashdot!
  83. ralphm Ever since Jan 4, 1999
  84. MattJ Indeed
  85. ralphm What's sad, though, is that one of the most popular uses is that bastardized version Whatsapp uses
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  92. m&m finally switched his CA
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  94. Tobias to which one?
  95. crips. hi
  96. m&m startssl
  97. m&m only class 1 right now
  98. m&m I was using cacert
  99. MattJ I can't get class 2 because I don't drive
  100. Tobias MattJ, why don't you drive? is riding sheep safer?
  101. m&m ouch (-:
  102. MattJ We do have horses in England
  103. Tobias right high near the throne there, right?
  104. crips. for what this room?
  105. MattJ crips., http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xmpp-council/
  106. Kanchil MattJ: http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xmpp-council/: XMPP Council – The XMPP Standards Foundation
  107. crips. how i can buy a server?
  108. Tobias http://xmpp.org/xmpp-software/servers/
  109. Kanchil Tobias: http://xmpp.org/xmpp-software/servers/: Servers – The XMPP Standards Foundation
  110. Tobias some are even free of charge, or even open source
  111. crips. can i get free server to testing it then buy another server?
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  113. Tobias you have to talk to the various vendors about that
  114. Tobias or visit their websites
  115. crips. what the jid?
  116. crips. OR website?
  117. Tobias see the link i've posted before....that links to various websites
  118. crips. http://xmpp.org/xmpp-software/servers/ this the link?
  119. Kanchil crips.: http://xmpp.org/xmpp-software/servers/: Servers – The XMPP Standards Foundation
  120. Tobias yes
  121. crips. and how i make free server?
  122. crips. do you know how?
  123. crips. there are free bot server to run room bot?
  124. crips. please learn me im new... 8(
  125. m&m crips.: I think you would find better help at jdev@conference.jabber.org or jadmin@conference.jabber.org
  126. crips. i cant understand..... 8(
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  129. crips. im back..
  130. crips. i want a link for: download (facebook account hacker)
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