XSF logo XMPP Council - 2013-06-12

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  18. Kev I thought I'd written myself a note of things for the agenda today, but I can't find it. Hrmm.
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  25. stpeter greetings
  26. stpeter wanders off for tea, brb
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  28. ralphm waves
  29. Kev Righty.
  30. m&m hola
  31. Kev Tobias send apologies last week, as I recall. Matt's just sent them on list.
  32. Kev 1) Roll Call.
  33. ralphm here
  34. m&m presente
  35. Kev By my reckoning there's nothing to discuss this week.
  36. Kev Anyone have fun ways I'm wrong?
  37. m&m I can't think of anything
  38. stpeter heh
  39. Kev In that case.
  40. Kev 2) Date of next meeting.
  41. Kev I can't do next week, but y'all can sure have a meeting without me if you like.
  42. ralphm I suggest just keeping on meeting every week
  43. m&m ralphm: works for me
  44. Kev m&m: Do you want to volunteer for your normal backup Kev routine?:)
  45. ralphm +!
  46. m&m sure (-:
  47. Kev Thanks.
  48. m&m it's less work than a IETF WG (-:
  49. ralphm no kidding
  50. Kev I tend to be lax about sending out minutes for meetings that don't have anything discussed in them. Does anyonecare about that?
  51. stpeter ralphm: weekly is good, I think
  52. ralphm Kev: nah
  53. Kev OK, thanks.
  54. Kev I suppose I should, really, to record attendance.
  55. m&m I also think just keeping it regularly scheduled is best
  56. ralphm ah right
  57. ralphm that reminds me
  58. Kev I only just thought about this.
  59. Kev 3) AOB
  60. ralphm there is a year missing in the vote tallies
  61. m&m ouch
  62. stpeter ralphm: really?!?
  63. m&m oh, AOB
  64. m&m note there is now a reservation at the IETF 87 venue for us
  65. ralphm http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xmpp-council/seventh-council/
  66. stpeter hmm
  67. stpeter I'll check into it
  68. ralphm no hurry
  69. Kev m&m: What does that mean, for us mere non-IETF mortals?
  70. stpeter the data is in the database
  71. ralphm Kev: that you don't have to sit out on the street to meet up
  72. stpeter Kev: it means that m&m is having fun with the JSON WG :-)
  73. m&m haha
  74. Kev Excellent.
  75. m&m it means we likely have a spot for an XMPP Hackfest
  76. m&m in Berlin
  77. ralphm I am a bit sad, but I won't make it there. It is in the middle of my planned holiday.
  78. stpeter yeah
  79. stpeter sorry to hear it
  80. m&m arrgh
  81. stpeter but I'm thinking we'll do London next March, too
  82. ralphm To prevent that happening in the future, I've put the next three instances in my calendar
  83. ralphm indeed
  84. stpeter March 2014 - 89th IETF March 2-7, 2014 Host: TBD Location: London, England
  85. ralphm and Canada in November, I believe
  86. stpeter yes
  87. Kev Now, London is somewhat more interesting for me.
  88. ralphm Kev: really? Berlin is nice. Not far, too.
  89. stpeter and don't forget IETF 91 in Hawaii :-)
  90. m&m heh
  91. ralphm that'll be a busy one, I'd guess
  92. Kev ralphm: I don't travel well, but I'm in London a reasonable amount when I go to the office.
  93. ralphm Kev: I think you can still do Berlin by train :-D
  94. Kev Anyway, was there any Council action in amongst this anywhere? :)
  95. ralphm oh, we weren't done yet?
  96. stpeter given all the IETF meetings I've been to at Minneapolis in November and March, I think a trip to Hawaii is justified
  97. stpeter Kev: no :-)
  98. Kev Marvellous.
  99. Kev Thanks all!
  100. Kev bangs the gavel
  101. ralphm stpeter: haha
  102. m&m gracias
  103. ralphm Thanks!
  104. ralphm Also, yay for RealtimeConf
  105. m&m noted
  106. ralphm Looking forward to that
  107. stpeter http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xmpp-council/seventh-council/ fixed
  108. stpeter I had only ever saved it as a draft
  109. stpeter and never published it
  110. stpeter well, "I" or someone else like Will (whoever worked on copying over those pages)
  111. ralphm :-D
  112. Kev Grrrr. It annoys me the way that recruiters using LinkedIn send whatever the LI equivalent of friends requests are, with no way for you to reply unless you accept them.
  113. Kev I do not know these people, they are not part of my professional network!
  114. m&m +∞
  115. ralphm why reply anyway
  116. ralphm I have better things to worry about
  117. Kev ralphm: Well, it'd be nice to at least say "I'm happy where I am, but if you're prepared to offer me all the gold I can eat I'd consider it".
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  119. Kev And my general sense of niceness makes it uncomfortable not answering them.
  120. ralphm Kev: yeah, I'm sure they'd use LinkedIn to reach out to you for that
  121. ralphm in general, I consider them on equal footing with telemarketeers
  122. Kev Heh. I don't, largely because I've opted out of receiving telemarketing, and my LI profile says I'm up for job offers.
  123. ralphm well, there you go
  124. Kev It's not receiving the pokes that bothers me, just that they way they do it isn't helpful.
  125. m&m right
  126. m&m messages are one thing
  127. ralphm Agreed
  128. m&m "friend" requests are quite another
  129. Kev Anyway. Not the biggest irritation in life, just that I had another one just then and I got frustrated.
  130. m&m I think I have about a dozen I've been ignoring
  131. ralphm m&m: yeah
  132. Kev I'm only on about half that, now I feel unpopular :(
  133. m&m well, if you traveled more … (-:
  134. ralphm Similarly, I often get people adding me because they know of me
  135. m&m /nod
  136. ralphm but who I probably never communicated with
  137. Kev The most recent one seems quite relevant, relatively. C++, local area. Much better than the normal, which is "Could I interest you in a move to (Insert City Here)".
  138. m&m although not often for me … now *I* feel unpopular
  139. Kev Ralph is the social center of the world.
  140. Kev Dammit.
  141. m&m well, he is a lot of fun to drink beer with
  142. ralphm m&m: that's the key
  143. ralphm haha
  144. ralphm now I am sad, because I won't be doing that in Berlin
  145. stpeter you guys are still yammering on here?
  146. m&m evidently
  147. stpeter :)
  148. Kev It's more fun than doing real work.
  149. stpeter reviews the votes on Chat Markers
  150. ralphm I thought Yammer removed XMPP support
  151. ralphm Kev: by the way, cool this: https://twitter.com/definitivekev/statuses/344807063836319744
  152. ralphm Kev: were both endpoints using that code, or did you have a native client, too?
  153. Kev ralphm: Both clients were viewing the same web client, communicating with isode.com over BOSH.
  154. ralphm right
  155. Kev ralphm: And the web client was Fippo's MUC example from his repo.
  156. ralphm nice!
  157. Kev I don't think it's quite production ready (the MUC example), but it's very cool, and it's great that they open sourced this.
  158. Zash I've tried it with two peers
  159. Kev I really really want to put VVOIP into Swift now. I just need that TARDIS.
  160. ralphm heh
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  164. Kev Can I submit an errata for the errata? It says "not mistakenly", when it should read "mistakenly not" :D
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  167. ralphm Kev: hehe, I thought the same thing
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