XSF logo XMPP Council - 2014-01-15

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  15. Kev Ah. And then I notice that Dave had already made a comment about TCP fallback on-list.
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  26. Lance Kev: i'm not entirely sure if i'll be able to join the meeting, given insomnia + utc-8
  27. Kev Lance: OK, thanks.
  28. Zash Have some UTF-8 instead? :)
  29. Kev I'd have thought a Council meeting would be a great cure for insomnia :D
  30. Lance but mark me as -1 on the user-auth proposal, and will officially vote/give feedback on list
  31. Lance zash you have no idea how many times i get those confused when typing
  32. Kev Lance: OK, thanks.
  33. Zash Lance, hehe :)
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  38. Tobias brb..just grabbing a coffee
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  41. MattJ and thanks for reminding me
  42. MattJ seems my s2s broke, and I got: 15:58:22 message received for a non-existing room: council@muc.xmpp.org
  43. Kev Here we go again.
  44. Kev 1) Bread products!
  45. Kev I'm here
  46. MattJ Me too
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  48. Tobias here
  49. Lance sleep's overrated. here
  50. Kev fippo: ?
  51. Kev Lance: Welcome.
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  53. fippo kev: pong
  54. Kev Excellent.
  55. Kev Just one thing today, I think.
  56. Kev 2) http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/user-auth.html Accept?
  57. Kev And as Lance has pre-rejected it, this could be short :)
  58. fippo will vote on list, I need to take a closer look
  59. Tobias needs to give it a read too, yet
  60. MattJ I read it a while back... the title is misleading :)
  61. Kev I read it, and I'm -1 as I don't understand exactly what's authenticating what, and where the two factors are coming from.
  62. MattJ I agree, it's confusing
  63. Kev It could be that with a stronger early explanation it'd make sense to me.
  64. MattJ Agreed
  65. MattJ I haven't seen Lance's feedback
  66. Kev But as Lance offered to write stuff to list once he's more awake, I'm happy to leave that to him :D
  67. Lance this is just a way to send back some challenge, say an sms code you received
  68. Lance authenticating yourself to a peer jid
  69. Dave Cridland The examples gave two full jids of the same account. Is this to protect against rogue servers?
  70. MattJ No, I think it's like out-of-band authentication of JIDs for ad-hoc commands and such
  71. Kev I don't think anyone's actively disagreeing that rejecting it until it's a bit clearer what the objectives are is a bad plan though, are they?
  72. Tobias I'm not
  73. Kev So I think we're onto:
  74. Kev 3) Date of next
  75. Kev SBTSBC?
  76. MattJ +1
  77. Tobias wfm
  78. Lance wfm
  79. fippo wfm, too
  80. Kev Fabtastic.
  81. Kev 4) AOB?
  82. Tobias none here
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  85. Kev Marvellous. Gives us a good stretch until the Board meeting tehn.
  86. Kev Thanks all
  87. Kev bangs the gavel.
  88. stpeter hiya
  89. stpeter hey, are we starting at the top of the hour now?
  90. Dave Cridland stpeter, Missed it by a second.
  91. Zash !
  92. Dave Cridland stpeter, Yeah, they discussed that last week.
  93. Lance oh, right. Kev peter has calls for volunteers i think
  94. stpeter forgot about that
  95. Tobias let's see what the calendar says.....
  96. Zash To the archives!
  97. Kev stpeter: Yep, I think I even minuted it :)
  98. Dave Cridland stpeter, Actually spent more on that than any other item, I think. :-)
  99. stpeter :)
  100. stpeter reads http://logs.xmpp.org/council/140115/
  101. Kev stpeter: Did you have anything you wanted us to agendaicise?
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  103. stpeter Kev: I think not (yet)
  104. stpeter how IIRC I do need to issue a new Last Call on XEP-0152
  105. stpeter s/how/however/
  106. Kev Unless you think the XEP Editor team can get up and running particularly fast, possibly :)
  107. stpeter heh
  108. stpeter perhaps not *that* fast
  109. stpeter it will be great to have a team for this
  110. stpeter should've done it a long time ago
  111. Kev Indubitably
  112. Kev (Great to have)
  113. stpeter heh, I like that word :-)
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