XSF logo XMPP Council - 2017-12-13

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  84. Kev Reminder that I've sent apologies for this afternoon.
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  121. Ge0rG Without Kev and dwd, can we do anything today?
  122. SamWhited I thought dave said he'd be here but just couldn't prepare an agenda before hand?
  123. Ge0rG Ah, right.
  124. Ge0rG "should be able to attend" were the exact words
  125. Ge0rG I actually do have two questions to the other council members that I'd like to place today.
  126. daniel Shall we begin?
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  128. SamWhited daniel: I think you just volunteered to run things
  129. daniel 1) roll call
  130. daniel Ge0rG?
  131. Ge0rG daniel: I'm there
  132. SamWhited I also am here
  133. Ge0rG ...for at least the next 50 minutes.
  134. daniel 1) reconsider instant stream resumption / accept that as proto xep
  135. daniel anyone want to say something or should we just vote on this?
  136. SamWhited I will be on list as I don't remember this one very well and haven't had a chance to re-read it.
  137. daniel +1 from myself
  138. daniel Ge0rG?
  139. Ge0rG I vaguely remember some question about the usefulness of this as opposed to 0198 and normal stream init, and challenges regarding token validity, so on-list
  140. daniel ok
  141. daniel i'm i guess a couple of LCs end today but it's not on the agenda so we should maybe move this to next time
  142. Ge0rG Are those the LCs that were initiated last week and MUST run for at least 14 days?
  143. daniel Ge0rG, well some XEPs have 12-12 in their headers like http upload for example. but either way; we'll move that to next week
  144. daniel 3) vote on xep-0060 publish-options changes
  145. Ge0rG I'd actually like to hear more from the senior folks regarding the 0060 changes.
  146. SamWhited Which one is this? Didn't you make several alternative PRs for 0060?
  147. daniel i've proposed three different PRs 555-557 where I personally think 557 is the most reasonable one. so i'd suggest we vote on that one first and if that doesn't get consensus we fall back to to voting on 555
  148. Ge0rG While I'm pretty sure we covered well the OSS implementations' feedback, maybe there are 0060 implementations we don't know about that would be broken by this.
  149. Ge0rG and maybe the missing council members do know more.
  150. daniel SamWhited, #557 is rendered here. https://gultsch.de/files/xep-0060.html#publisher-publish-options
  151. SamWhited Sorry, just went back and reminded myself which was which. I also liked 557
  152. daniel but yes maybe we should wait for some more list discussion
  153. Ge0rG I've got no first-hand experience, and I'm obviously biased because I helped write the wording in #557
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  155. daniel 4) Ge0rG's question to council
  156. daniel go ahead
  157. Ge0rG a) do we have any (proto) XEPs to enroll new accounts with a token / invitation code / similar things?
  158. SamWhited Not that I'm aware of, but I have considered writing something as a challenge on https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0389.html
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  160. SamWhited *something similar
  161. Ge0rG SamWhited: what's the status of 389? marc and I are working on extending PARS to account-invitation-tokens kind-of-thing
  162. Ge0rG and my question b) would be: is it legitimate to have a server-capability-indicated way to extend the IBR form with additional fields, which are not data-form fields?
  163. Ge0rG i.e. I want the client to initiate regular IBR with a token, so that the server can immediately validate the token and accept the request, instead of presenting a data-form
  164. daniel is this a question to council? shouldn't this be a on list discussion between you and the author?
  165. SamWhited Yah, let's discuss afterwards
  166. daniel ok
  167. daniel 5) date of next
  168. Ge0rG okay to move on then
  169. SamWhited +1 week WFM
  170. daniel i'm gonna be on a train w/o wifi next wednesday
  171. SamWhited Maybe we should settle on a new time on list then to make sure the people who aren't here this week don't have conflicts if we move it.
  172. Ge0rG +1w WFM
  173. Ge0rG SamWhited: sounds good
  174. daniel ok
  175. daniel 6) anything else?
  176. daniel ok. doesn't look like it.
  177. daniel thank you and please comment on list regarding the time for next time
  178. Ge0rG daniel: thank you!
  179. SamWhited Thanks daniel
  180. Ge0rG Did we have a note taker?
  181. daniel yes me
  182. Ge0rG daniel: thanks again!
  183. SamWhited Ge0rG: I'm stepping out briefly, but will be around today if you want to discuss IBR2 and your token thing. Feel free to ping me and I'll respond "soon".
  184. Ge0rG SamWhited: TL;DR, xmpp:user@host?;preauth=TOKEN;ibr - the "ibr" is a tag indicating that the TOKEN can be used for IBR authentication, even if generic IBR is disabled
  185. Ge0rG if a client does IBR with TOKEN piggy-backed somehow, the server will auto-subscribe the new account to the inviter.
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  189. SamWhited Ge0rG: I'm not aware of a spec already doing something like that, but that was the type of thing that IBR2 was designed to allow.
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