board - 2010-06-01

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  24. Florian


  25. stpeter


  26. Florian

    so I guess we'll have a meeting tonight?

  27. Florian

    everyone seems to be around, we just kinda forgot to formalize the date... are you available in an hour?

  28. Florian

    ah .. nvm :) saw the mails :)

  29. stpeter

    I wasn't sure if it was today or tomorrow

  30. stpeter


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  32. Nÿco

  33. Nÿco

    Etherpad being down...

  34. stpeter

    yeah I miss etherpad

  35. Nÿco

    Will is offline...

  36. Nÿco has invited Jack

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  38. Florian

    isn't it in an hour?

  39. Florian

    8pm BST?

  40. Nÿco


  41. stpeter

    I have no idea -- I prefer UTC anyway :)

  42. Nÿco

    I won't be there in one hour

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  44. Florian


  45. Florian

    Will said he'd be here in 30 mins (7:30pm UTC+1)

  46. Nÿco

    it's up to you

  47. Florian

    would 30 mins from now be ok?

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  49. jack

    should work for me

  50. Nÿco

    ah not for me unfortunately, I'm sorry...

  51. Nÿco is lost with timezones

  52. Florian

    should we pre-roll the meeting now then?

  53. Florian

    Will will join us later on, and we can go over some points again?

  54. stpeter


  55. stpeter

    so the agenda at says: XMPP Summit? GSoC? IETF? Website?

  56. stpeter

    anything else?

  57. Florian

    not atm ...

  58. stpeter


  59. stpeter

    let's see

  60. Florian

    so ... XMPP Summit

  61. stpeter

    I've been travelling for the last two weeks so I'm far behind

  62. stpeter

    I probably won't be able to attend the Summit -- possible, but it seems unlikely right now

  63. stpeter


  64. stpeter

    I'll know more in the next week or two

  65. Florian

    ok ...

  66. stpeter

    anyway I shall ping my O'Reilly contacts RIGHT NOW

  67. bear

    if it happens I will be there to help

  68. Florian

    great :)

  69. stpeter

    I sense a lack of energy in the XMPP community, but perhaps a Summit will increase the energy level

  70. stpeter isn't sure

  71. bear

    there is a lot of activity - but it needs some "sunshine" to let others know

  72. stpeter


  73. bear

    lots of small clumps happening

  74. Florian


  75. stpeter

    well at least Sift was released to beta :P

  76. Florian


  77. Nÿco

    I still have the FOSDEM interviews hold in the blog...

  78. Nÿco

    the articles needs to be written though

  79. Florian

    I can help with those

  80. Nÿco

    I also sense a slowdown

  81. Florian

    maybe we can create an audio podcast with those interviews

  82. Nÿco

    yes, please: if you want to review/write those articles

  83. Nÿco

    we can just pubish them as is

  84. Florian

    I'll ping you tomorrow about them :)

  85. Nÿco

    as said before, no need to be pro

  86. Nÿco


  87. Nÿco

    what can we do on the website?

  88. Florian

    I guess for that we'd need Will here

  89. Florian

    as he's been the main guy working on the new website

  90. Nÿco

    ah ok

  91. stpeter

    email sent to O'Reilly

  92. Florian


  93. Nÿco

    cool, thx

  94. stpeter

    ok, GSoC update?

  95. Kev

    bear: you, I guess?

  96. bear

    students are starting to code, mentors are mentoring - we shuld be having our first meeting this weekend

  97. bear

    I will be ramping up my pain-pokes if I don't see a web blog by this weekend

  98. bear

    so far i've only seen one

  99. bear

    i'm also going to be poking folks to idle in the gsoc muc

  100. Kev

    Which several do, to be fair.

  101. bear

    anythng you want to add kev?

  102. stpeter

    what's the muc?

  103. Nÿco

    can we write a blog-post about it?

  104. Kev

  105. Kev

    Or whatever the name of our muc service is :)

  106. bear

    oh sure, they are - it's only a couple that ar not

  107. stpeter

    heh ok

  108. Kev

    Where did we get to on books?

  109. stpeter yes

  110. Kev

    I know some students have already bought TDG, which is a shame if we're going to buy them copies.

  111. Kev

    Are we doing books this year?

  112. stpeter

    Kev: I have been utterly remiss on that score

  113. stpeter

    as on many other things

  114. bear

    I can buy them and shipthis weekend if tht's ok

  115. bear

    and bill the xmpp later

  116. stpeter


  117. stpeter

    that's what I did in 2008 (?)

  118. Kev

    If board are OK, I'd propose a copy of TDG, Pragmatic and GTD for each student.

  119. Kev

    Or ask whether they'd rather TDG or Strophe.

  120. Kev

    That probably eats about 1/5 of the money the XSF will get from Google.

  121. stpeter

    Kev: makes sense (if the student already has TDG, might prefer Strophe -- or might prefer it anyway :)

  122. Tobias

    Kev: which is XSF's primary income, right? :)

  123. stpeter

    Tobias: don't remind me :P

  124. stpeter

    but that's a topic for another day...

  125. bear


  126. Nÿco

    yes, good idea, if you vote later, count me as +1

  127. stpeter

    Nÿco: ok!

  128. stpeter jots down some notes at

  129. stpeter

    anything else on GSoC?

  130. Kev

    Nothing that needs Board attention, I think, unless Board want info on anything.

  131. stpeter

    I see "IETF?" is an agenda item, what would you like to know?

  132. stpeter

    there is a working group last call on rfc3920bis right now

  133. stpeter

    no feedback yet

  134. stpeter

    either that means it's perfect or people are too busy to review it :)

  135. Kev

    The timeframe's short on that, right?

  136. stpeter

    traditionally WGLC is 2 weeks @ IETF

  137. stpeter

    I think it might be extended

  138. Nÿco

    we can blog the last call also...

  139. stpeter

    at least that's what the chairs have hinted

  140. stpeter

    Nÿco: um yeah good idea :)

  141. stpeter

    I'll do that after this meeting

  142. Kev

    I think it'd take me a couple of days (or more) to do a review, and I don't have that time spare at the moment.

  143. Nÿco

    cool, thx

  144. stpeter nods

  145. Kev

    Anyway, Board. *shuts up*

  146. stpeter

    it does take time to read the whole thing

  147. stpeter

    ~175 pages

  148. stpeter


  149. stpeter

    I'll send out further pokage

  150. stpeter

    and bloggage

  151. stpeter

    after that, we'll do the same thing with 3921bis

  152. stpeter

    but I think we'll need another revision of that because I've found some issues

  153. Kev

    Might be good - even I found issues ther.

  154. stpeter


  155. stpeter

    for the website, we'll need to ping Will

  156. Nÿco

    ok, I'll need to leave you now, I'm sorry-sorry-sorry... :'(

  157. stpeter

    Nÿco: no problem!

  158. stpeter


  159. Nÿco

    thank you all, bye

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  162. stpeter

  163. Florian

    great :)

  164. stpeter

    also sent to

  165. Florian

    so ... I guess just website is left ...

  166. Florian

    and that's with Will?

  167. stpeter


  168. Florian

    so I guess we'll take a short break?

  169. stpeter

    we're doing that already :)

  170. Florian


  171. stpeter

    except I'm madly processing email

  172. stpeter writes a post for too

  173. jack

    i am here now

  174. jack

    i got quadruple booked

  175. jack

    but i could only get out of so many :)

  176. stpeter


  177. stpeter

    that's scary

  178. bear

    yea, this time slot is very popular when dealing the EU folks and PST folks

  179. stpeter


  180. jack

    so will is showing up in 10m?

  181. stpeter

    so we hope

  182. jack

    ok. i'll be back shortly then.

  183. stpeter


  184. stpeter

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  186. Florian has joined

  187. Florian

    hmm ... no idea where Will is :/

  188. stpeter

    yeah me neither

  189. Florian

    I guess, if he's not coming, let's move the last item, the website discussion to the next meeting

  190. stpeter


  191. Florian

    and let's schedule that one now ...

  192. stpeter

    when is the next meeting?

  193. stpeter


  194. stpeter


  195. Florian

    sometime next week?

  196. stpeter

    this time next week would work for me

  197. Florian

    that way we can have a full meeting next week :)

  198. Florian

    jack: how's that for you?

  199. jack

    Yeah. Should work dine

  200. jack

    Fine even

  201. Florian


  202. Florian

    I'll post the minutes to the board list then

  203. jack

    I will send an email about it when I'm back at the house

  204. Florian

    should we publish it?

  205. Florian

    ah, or you can post it if you want

  206. jack


  207. Florian

    ok ...

  208. stpeter

    +1 about posting to board list, people can review and then we can forward to members@

  209. Florian

    ok :)

  210. stpeter edits the notes a bit more

  211. Florian

    ok :)

  212. jack

    See you guys around. Time for lunch here :)

  213. jack has left

  214. stpeter

    Florian: edits finished

  215. Florian

    cool, I'll post it to the list then

  216. stpeter


  217. Florian


  218. stpeter

    woot, down below 500 messages in my inbox

  219. stpeter

    saw that

  220. stpeter


  221. Florian


  222. stpeter

    thanks even

  223. stpeter

    I need a short break, bbiaf

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