XSF Communications Team - 2018-02-02

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  2. Daniel

    I am using it. Progress!

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    The mailinglist is gone.

  4. Daniel

    daniel@tigase.org feel free to add me

  5. jcbrand

    I've added both of you, jc@opkode.com

  6. nyco


  7. nyco


  8. Nÿco


  9. jcbrand


  10. nyco

    nice, I didn't know that one, good looking illustrations

  11. nyco

    so take a look at what we used to do: https://xmpp.org/category/xmpp-roundup.html

  12. Daniel

    This will be good resources to build from.

  13. nyco

    example of things we can all retweet and engage on: https://twitter.com/DwdDave/status/959350202095333376

  14. nyco

    please like, retweet, comment, as you wish

  15. jcbrand

    nyco: can you retweet this as @xmpp? https://twitter.com/daniel_gakwaya/status/959397779574583296

  16. jcbrand

    BTW, I'd be keen to get the credentials for the twitter XMPP account

  17. jcbrand

    I follow #xmpp and often find stuff worth retweeting

  18. nyco

    jcbrand no, I can't, but we'll ask Kev to have access to Tweetdeck for every one of us

  19. jcbrand

    nyco: thanks, my twitter id is jcopkode

  20. nyco

    good point, if we choose to retweet from @xmpp it means the XSF probably loses its strict neutrality, as we can't cover everything, we'll lose some content also, the mission of the XSF is specs, not forcefully to communicate so we may have to create a specific account maybe?

  21. nyco

    https://twitter.com/nyconyco if you want to like/share

  22. Daniel

    That's not a bad idea, maybe XMPPcomms or something along those lines - like an adjacent

  23. nyco

    I like this name! ;-)

  24. nyco

    https://twitter.com/xmpp pinned tweet 2015 ouch! ;-)

  25. nyco

    so, basically, what I am doing on the accounts that I have and works quite well without too much effort: create accounts/pages/blablah on each major social network (twitter, facebook, linkedin, google plus) each time I have a short content to share (short to average siez text, plus graphical illustration), I put it on Buffer, it takes charge of when (dat&time) it will be posted, maximising the level of attention from the audience by posting at the best moment watch analytics from time to time, learn from that, formulate hypothesis

  26. Daniel

    we'll likely need a bunch of posts to get some needful data. I'm sure we can pull from recent blogs to push some of that if we're going to use a social media-based solution

  27. nyco

    on Twitter, it is quite easy to get followers, target them quite well, follow them by batch, a few days unfollow the non-followers (by using tools, such as https://unfollowerstats.com/ this way, I've created accounts and brought them to hundreds of followers, sometimes passing the 1000+ mark

  28. nyco

    Daniel tak, I agree ;-)

  29. Daniel

    Do you think we would abandon the newsletter e-mail style altogeather in favor of curated blogs/shares? I do like the ability to engauge from the platforms though. If nothing else basic questions and such can be directed.

  30. Daniel

    I think an early task for us should be to contact blogs who would not mind us re-posting, or sharing information from.

  31. nyco

    I have no preference so far I only know that curation is quite an effort a newsletter would bring us strong measurement, such as open rate, click-though rate, etc.

  32. Seve

    jcbrand wanted to go for the newsletter

  33. nyco

    I think we just can share what's already public, I guess they would be happy by default that some one redistributes the content to reach other audiences

  34. Daniel

    Of course if we told them, they might be encouraged to produce more

  35. nyco

    aim high, start low, iterate

  36. nyco

    and pareto principle: 20 % effort for 80 % outcome

  37. nyco

    I won't for something elaborated or complete

  38. nyco

    I'd rather experiement, both ourselves on how we work and cooperate, and the reception by the audience we will build

  39. SaltyBones

    I guess we cannot have @xsf @xmpp @jabber?

  40. Nÿco

    we can ask the quesiton to the Board

  41. nyco


  42. SaltyBones

    nyco: aren't you on the board? ;)

  43. nyco

    Yep, one among five

  44. SaltyBones

    So, I think it would be nice if we could get a running start and publish something about the summit in the next few days.

  45. SaltyBones

    Is anybody on that yet?

  46. SaltyBones

    guus talked about it

  47. SaltyBones

    nyco, when you said newsletter did you mean the website kind?

  48. SaltyBones

    jcbrand, the protocol is already on the wiki?7

  49. jcbrand

    SaltyBones: not yet, you can read it here: https://xmppsummit2018.opkode.com/

  50. Seve

    I thought the SCAM was in charge of writing about the Summit but I guess they focus on organizing/giving assitance? Since Guus was doing that kind of work

  51. Seve

    I'm just asking

  52. nyco

    I think SCAM just organises, does not write, we may wanna check with Guus though

  53. nyco

    SaltyBones: what do you mean the website kind?

  54. SaltyBones


  55. SaltyBones

    Not important

  56. SaltyBones

    What matters is what do we do? :)