XSF Communications Team - 2018-02-08

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  7. SaltyBones

    nyco, jcbrand I promised to poke you to do something... :)

  8. jcbrand

    I already did a blog post

  9. jcbrand


  10. SaltyBones

    I know and that's awesome

  11. SaltyBones

    it just seemed to me that you had some other ideas you possibly wanted to follow-up on, right?

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  14. jcbrand

    SaltyBones: I have a TODO list

  15. jcbrand

    I appreciate the sentiment, but I don't need to be poked :)

  16. SaltyBones

    Yeah, that's not the main intention of course. :)

  17. SaltyBones

    I just thought maybe we should share the ideas that everybody had....

  18. SaltyBones

    or has

  19. jcbrand

    My intention is to create a newsletter which posts once every two weeks or so and which lists articles on XMPP from those last two weeks

  20. jcbrand

    Potentially one could put more things in the newsletter, like updates to XEPs

  21. jcbrand

    but that's more work

  22. jcbrand

    and I think I'll leave that out at first, unless someone else volunteers to collect that info

  23. jcbrand

    That's what I signed up for and what I'll do

  24. jcbrand

    Anything else from me would be a bonus

  25. jcbrand

    and not anything I'm planning to do

  26. SaltyBones


  27. SaltyBones

    do you an idea on how to collect those articles?

  28. SaltyBones

    do you have an idea on how to collect those articles?

  29. jcbrand

    I follow tweets about XMPP, mastodon toots about XMPP, the r/xmpp subreddit and the Planet Jabber RSS feed

  30. jcbrand

    If you find anything interesting, you could also post it here

  31. jcbrand

    And I'll include it

  32. SaltyBones

    do you intend to collect things on the go or just search those sources when you write the newsletter?

  33. jcbrand

    A bit of both

  34. jcbrand

    I already have a list

  35. jcbrand

    but I expect to also scour those sources when I compose the newsletter

  36. jcbrand

    You can send me stuff at any time, and I'll simply put it on the list I already ahve

  37. jcbrand

    I'll also include non-English blog posts, since there are sometimes French and German articles I think

  38. SaltyBones

    I really liked this: https://demo.agayon.be/

  39. SaltyBones

    and somebody noted yesterday that the new nextcloud chat uses xmpp

  40. SouL


  41. SaltyBones

    well, if we want references, ‎[23:43:30] ‎jjrh‎: mathieui, https://github.com/nextcloud/server/search?q=xmpp&type=Issues&utf8=%E2%9C%93 XMPP it seems :)

  42. SouL


  43. SouL

    I was not trying to point anything

  44. SouL

    Just in case you wanted to know who

  45. jcbrand

    SaltyBones: I saved the demo, although I don't think it makes sense to point to a github search in the newsletter :)

  46. jcbrand

    If they blog about it then we'll obviously include it

  47. SaltyBones

    i think it makes sense to store it $somewhere

  48. SaltyBones

    to have a list of people/companies/tech that use xmpp

  49. SaltyBones

    it sometimes comes in handy

  50. SaltyBones

    advert is https://nextcloud.com/talk/

  51. jcbrand

    ok, I saved that

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  53. SaltyBones

    https://camaya.net/contact/ <- maybe we should also collect people who do this kind of thing to consider asking them for what they need or ask them to write about stuff or to invite them for the birthday conf

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  56. nyco

    so what newsletter service do we wanna use?

  57. nyco

    and most important question, why would we do a newsletter? what for?

  58. nyco

    I guess we wanna measure the number of subscribers, the open rate, click through rate... so that we know better our audiences

  59. nyco

    but a newsletter is in a close field, whereas a blog with its social network propagation is more public, searchable, findable

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  61. SaltyBones

    hm...jcbrand, did you have an actual e-mail newsletter in mind?

  62. SaltyBones

    maybe we can just augment it with a blog post somewhere which has the same content with more colors

  63. jcbrand

    The newsletters that I am subscribed to are also available on the web, so you can read either the email or go to their website

  64. jcbrand


  65. SaltyBones

    yeah, that's basically what I had in mind as well.

  66. SaltyBones

    There is always a "if this doesn't display properly go to" link

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