XSF Communications Team - 2018-02-15

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  33. Daniel_W

    Hey All, sorry I'm a touch late to the chatroom after FOSDEM, I was wondering if we ever decided on format, whetther it was to be a e-mail newsletter, or a static webpage. I was thinking either way, if we have some basic framework, we should collect some post FOSDEM or XSF summit collections from just ourselves to get things started

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  45. SaltyBones

    Daniel_W, jcbrand is collecting content

  46. SaltyBones

    when you come across interesting xmpp content just send it to him

  47. jcbrand

    My plan is to send out a newsletter, with tinyletter.com

  48. jcbrand

    I think they also keep an online copy... I hope so

  49. Daniel_W

    got it

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