XSF Communications Team - 2018-02-22

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  107. Guus

    JC, it'd be good to have a list of comm-team members, and a chair

  108. Guus

    Hopefully, we can put that to a board vote later today

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  110. Seve

    The list was on the first mail, right? We are messing a chair.

  111. Guus

    oh, right. it is in the mail

  112. Seve

    I guess Winfried also

  113. Guus

    I only remembered the 'open team' aspect that was described

  114. Guus

    but you're right

  115. Seve

    Missing, not messing, sorry.

  116. Seve

    It's me messing with the keyboard..

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  119. jcbrand

    Guus, Seve: yes, everybody in the original email plus Winfried Tilanus

  120. jcbrand

    Guus, Seve: concerning a chair, if no one else wants to, I'm willing to chair

  121. jcbrand

    SaltyBones, nyco: ^

  122. SaltyBones


  123. SaltyBones

    Oh yeah JC should do it!

  124. Guus

    this is being discussed in @xsf now

  125. Seve

    I'm on the street so I cannot check, I agree with jcbrand chairing.

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  128. Guus

    The board just voted in favor of establishing the communcations work team again, in compliance with all things discussed on the mailinglist, and JC as chair. There was one difference; as our bylaws prohibits non-XSF members to be part of a work team, SaltyBones could not be voted in the team.

  129. Guus

    please take that as a hint to sign up as a member, SaltyBones :)

  130. jc

    Great news, thanks Guus

  131. Guus

    we've further discussed with iteam (intosi was present) that they'll facilitate giving team members access to the resources they need (think the github repo and social media accounts). I suggest that you compile a list of github and twitter account names, and ask iteam for access

  132. Guus

    I neglected to explicitly add Winfried to the member list - I overlooked

  133. SouL

    SeveFP is my github

  134. SouL

    Standing on the train, not much I can do typing with one hand.

  135. Guus

    JC, can you arrange for access with iteam (intosi)? No need for me to be a middle man there.

  136. Guus

    oh, intosi already made a github group for you, that JC can manage

  137. jc

    Guus: will do

  138. Guus

    might I suggest that one of the first things you guys do is re-instate a public work team page again, similar to https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/editor-team ? :)

  139. Guus

    I'm excited for this to have happened! Looking forward to see what we can make of this!

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  152. jc

    Thanks for your help with this Guus

  153. Guus

    jc: happy to

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  159. Daniel_W

    oh wow, I woke up late and a lot of stuff has happened today. I will have to review guidelines for what it means to be on an offical work team (this is new to me, so if I'm stumbling around, don't mind me)

  160. Neustradamus

    The commteam is not complete in email it is normal?

  161. Neustradamus

    There are forgotten things, no? Winfried and me are not in the list

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  164. jcbrand

    Neustradamus: did you ever request to be part of the team?

  165. jcbrand

    We forgot about Winfried, will ask that he gets added still

  166. Daniel_W

    Is there an established way to add members to a workteam?

  167. jcbrand

    Daniel_W: members need to be approved by the board

  168. jcbrand

    But before that happens they need to at least indicate their desire to be on the team :)

  169. jcbrand

    I wrote an email the the XSF members list, with an initial member list ;)

  170. jcbrand

    Afterwards Winfried indicated he wants to be on the team as well

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  172. Seve

    Thank you very much Guus

  173. Seve

    Also thanks to jcbrand

  174. Seve

    SaltyBones, will you apply for membership? What a surprise, I thought all participants at the Summit were members.

  175. Seve

    (except invited people)

  176. Seve

    A positive surprise, I mean!

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  179. SaltyBones

    I honestly have no clue how to even do that... ;)

  180. Daniel_W


  181. Daniel_W

    basically edit a wiki page about yourself, and wait for the votes

  182. Guus

    > Currently three work teams are chartered and active:

  183. Guus

    And it then lists 4

  184. Guus

    My bad 😂

  185. Guus

    When you guys add Comms, can you please fix that too? You all should have access to the github repo now!

  186. Seve

    Oh that's cool

  187. Neustradamus

    I have sent a message here, I contact you in private (no reply) and no changes here: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/CommTeam and in the mail on members@, no date for the beginning...

  188. Neustradamus

    jcbrand is not here oups

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  190. Seve

    Guus, what is the page you quoted the "Currently three work teams..."?

  191. Seve

    Neustradamus, sorry, what do you mean?

  192. Guus

    Seve, this one: https://xmpp.org/community/membership.html

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  196. Seve

    Guus, ok thanks

  197. Guus

    I'll add the old https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/CommTeam page back to the wiki sidebar

  198. Guus

    can you guys fix the content?

  199. Seve

    Yes, we have to check together what we put there and such

  200. Seve

    Guus, do you think it is ok if I fix the 'three' to 'four' for now? While we get more things in place? Or I shouldn't?

  201. Guus

    Seve, go for it

  202. Guus

    Also, feel free to take ownership

  203. Guus

    As a member of the Communications Work Team we trust you to use your best judgement here - that's the reason why I like having such a team

  204. Guus

    Also, as long as you know how to undo a certain change, I'm happy for you to make mistakes.

  205. Guus

    Have you seen the readme, that lists how you can test changes locally?

  206. Seve

    Guus, thank you, I'm checking!

  207. Neustradamus

    (A lot of my work has been lost with the server crash... And I have not saved). Hope that now that there are backups...

  208. Guus

    Neustradamus, if you refer to the wiki server crash - that was about a year ago. Any backups we had are already used.

  209. Neustradamus

    Yes yes, a lot of datas have been lost...

  210. Neustradamus

    Hope that now, it will be better for do not lost again

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  212. Neustradamus

    Between 21 June 2017‎ to 21 October 2015‎ nothing It was me who was updating the main page and applications part with Alex Not to mention other contributions...

  213. Seve

    Neustradamus, we will take care of it from now on. I'm sorry, I know how you feel but we have to look forward and learn from that.

  214. Neustradamus

    Like I have already informed on the xsf mucroom, a missing link: http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/faq/

  215. Guus

    where did you find that link? https://xmpp.org/about/faq.html does work

  216. Neustradamus

    On the Web

  217. Neustradamus

    It is a missing redirection

  218. Neustradamus

    It was from the old website

  219. Guus

    If we don't link to this from our own sources any more, I'm less concerned.

  220. Neustradamus

    But a redirection is done on the webserver...

  221. Guus


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  224. Neustradamus

    The server has a lot of url rewritting...

  225. Neustradamus

    It is one to add

  226. Guus

    Agreed, that'd be nice.

  227. Guus

    but again, if there's no-one linking to this... not the highest of priorities.

  228. Seve

    Neustradamus, what is http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/faq/? Redirect to https://xmpp.org/about/faq.html ?

  229. Neustradamus

    http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/faq/ must be redirected to https://xmpp.org/about/faq.html

  230. Neustradamus

    Like http://xmpp.org/xmpp-software/clients/ for example...

  231. Seve

    Neustradamus, but we don't point anywhere to there, I don't get why is needed.

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  234. Guus

    Seve, at some point in the past, that page apparently existed, so external sources might still refer to it. That said, I analyzed our access logs a couple of months ago for 404's - this was not in the top (if it was in it at all)

  235. Guus

    so, yeah, we could add that redirect to fix an issue that's probably not occurring for anyone in the wild.

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