XSF Communications Team - 2018-02-23

  1. Seve


  2. Seve

    I'm not confident about finding up to date links about XMPP

  3. Seve

    But if that's the case, we could share some kind of document and paste them there

  4. Seve

    Instead of me putting them here and who knows if they will be saved :)

  5. Guus

    the author of that article is an XSF member (or at least was, at some point)

  6. Guus

    Seve: we have a wiki :)

  7. Seve

    Guus, yees... But not sure if it would fit for just 'drafts'. I mean, it works for that aswell, but I was thinking more on something like https://etherpad.net

  8. jonasw

    via xsf@ https://medium.com/processone/eve-online-chat-is-moving-to-ejabberd-8e73d 40fa887

  9. Guus

    Seve, whatever suits you best.

  10. jonasw

    via xsf@ https://medium.com/processone/eve-online-chat-is-moving-to-ejabberd-8e73d40fa887

  11. Guus

    jonasw, scroll up like 10 lines. :)

  12. jonasw

    I don’t have scrollback

  13. jonasw

    for whatever reasons

  14. jonasw

    maybe this MUC doesn’t have any configured?

  15. Guus

    could be

  16. Seve

    Not for you, jonasw.

  17. Guus

    I don't believe I am an admin here

  18. jonasw


  19. Guus

    but yeah, Seve also posted it

  20. Seve

    You have to pay the premium pass

  21. jonasw


  22. jonasw

    then I’m gonna leave again!

  23. Seve


  24. jonasw

    (kidding; I’m running out of screen space for tabs)

  25. Guus

    aaah, we have a comm team for one day, and you already have a revenue model?

  26. Guus


  27. Seve

    I was thinking about creating a list of defined questions like "What do you use XMPP for?", "What XMPP server do you use? Why?" and so on. And then try to get in touch with companies and let them answer. So we could do some kind of "interview" and publish this. With different companies and such. This way we could show real life cases where XMPP is used and the companies appear on our blog (so they are more willing to answer). The problem here is how do you select the companies? Is not that neutral anymore. What if I try to send the questions to X company and we have people angry about this? Not sure. Well, if you have any opinion on this, let me know please.

  28. Seve

    Not very much interesting I guess

  29. Daniel_W

    the FAQ could be interesting, we do have a list of software developers, just hit them all and see who wants to participate

  30. Daniel_W

    Participatory rather than selective