XSF Communications Team - 2018-02-26

  1. Guus

    I've deleted most of the old, merged branches there

  2. Guus

    Unsure about the 'german news' part, JC (or for any localized news, for that matter)

  3. Guus

    otherwise, yey :)

  4. jonasw

    what’s the status of tweeting things?

  5. jonasw

    also, good morning everyone :)

  6. Guus

    Unsure. I can. CommWT should, but I don't know if they've asked for their accounts to be added to tweetdeck, and ifso, if that has been arranged.

  7. Guus

    (iteam, notably Kev, will be able to help with that)

  8. jonasw

    hm, what’s blocking the "retweet" of that Eve Online thing?

  9. jcbrand

    Guus: I feel relatively strongly about including non-English articles. They can be at the bottom of the newsletter. In so many places and communities there is an Anglo-American bias pervading thought and discussions due to the dominance of the English language. Non-English speakers sometimes have a different perspective on things that get lots otherwise. For example, I often see XMPP as IM option being considered more seriously in German articles than in English ones. My impression is that Germans also value online privacy more than average.

  10. jcbrand


  11. jcbrand

    Guus, jonasw: concerning tweets, AFAIR, we need to ask the board for access. I've asked nyco a few times, but he seems to be quite busy. Can I write an email to someone about this?

  12. jcbrand

    Guus thinking further about non-English articles, we could keep all text in the email English, even when linking to a non-English article. People can then use Google translate to read it in English if they're interested.

  13. Guus

    jcbrand: you have stronger feelings about this subject than I do. I can live with any choice comm comes up with

  14. jcbrand

    Guus: It's still unclear to me how to properly communicate with the board. For example, besides the Tweetdeck access, we also have two people who want to join, winfried and Neustradamus. Who should I contact in this regard?

  15. Guus

    as for twitter: there aught not to be the need for explicit approval. I brought this up during the board meeting, at which point Ralph pointed out that iteam will facilitate comms with whatever they need to help with their mission goal (not his exact words, but something to that extend).

  16. jcbrand


  17. jcbrand

    Kev wanted to play it safe, so wanted it to go through board first, but that was before the CommsWT was established formally.

  18. Guus

    JC, read back the logs of the board meeting. In my view, it's clear that comms can have access. If you or Kev are unsure, I'll be happy to bring it up in board explicitly again (but I was cut short when I did last time, with the reasoning that such board approval wasn't needed).

  19. jcbrand


  20. Guus

    as for contacting the board. I've been struggling with that myself last year. I think either reaching out to individual board members (you just did) or posting on the members list are yoru best bet

  21. Guus

    please persist until your item pops up on our Trello board

  22. Guus


  23. Guus

    what's N's actual name?

  24. Guus

    Ludovic Bocquet, right?

  25. Guus

    I've added both member requests as items to vote for board

  26. Guus

    I'll hold off with the Tweetdeck thingy until I hear from you or iteam that a vote is needed, ok?

  27. jcbrand

    Thank you Guus!

  28. jcbrand

    I've updated the CommsTeam wiki page: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/CommTeam

  29. jcbrand

    SaltyBones, Neustradamus, nyco, Seve: I made a wiki page where you can submit articles for the next Newsletter. https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/News_and_Articles_for_the_next_XMPP_Newsletter

  30. jcbrand

    The first newsletter outline is on Github: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/blob/comms-team-newsletter/content/posts/newsletter/2018-03.md

  31. Guus

    Nice! Maybe broadcast that inbox to the members list? Non team-members might have input that's of interest.

  32. jcbrand

    ok, will do

  33. SaltyBones

    very nice, of course I am disappointed that we are not using XMPP for collecting suggestions ;)

  34. jcbrand

    right tool for the right job

  35. jonasw

    Guus, so you could re-post that thing on twitter?

  36. Guus

    I can repost what?

  37. Guus

    (yes I can)

  38. Guus

    but what?

  39. jonasw

    Guus, https://www.eveonline.com/article/p4i0qx/new-chat-backend-coming-with-the-march-release I think this was discussed here already?

  40. Seve

    jcbrand, I will try to chatch up later today if possible, I will get out of the office later than usual. What's wrong on discussing stuff in this MUC? (I've just read the Wiki)

  41. Seve

    Well anyway, I will try to check everything at night If I can

  42. Guus

    jonasw, oh, yeah. I thnk I did retweet that, but form my personal account.

  43. jcbrand

    Seve: I don't understand your question, who said there's anything wrong? Although, I would say that since this room doesn't have MAM enabled, it's less useful than it could be

  44. Guus

    it'd be nice for the commteam to be able to do this though :)

  45. jonasw

    Guus, true, but that shouldn’t block parts of commteam to do it for now, should it?

  46. jcbrand

    Guus: I read the board minutes again, looks to me like I can just ask the iteam directly.

  47. Guus

    jcbrand: exactly

  48. Guus

    jonasw: no, but a) I'm not on the commsteam, and b) they don't have access yet. That's what JC just referred to. It's in the works.

  49. jonasw


  50. Guus

    if they can't get access soon, I'll post it, ok?

  51. jonasw

    I didn’t realize that you’re not in Commsteam

  52. Guus

    but I'm anxcious for other people to be able to do things :)

  53. jonasw

    yeah, that makes sense, sorry

  54. jonasw

    I was under the impression that you’re part of commsteam

  55. jonasw

    now it all makes sense

  56. Guus

    kk :)

  57. Neustradamus

    /!\ It is not complete yet for Psi/Psi+ about OMEMO, do not announce for the moment

  58. jcbrand

    ok :)

  59. jcbrand

    I removed it

  60. SaltyBones

    Neustradamus: Here: ⚠️ ;)

  61. Neustradamus

    SaltyBones: :)

  62. Neustradamus

    What do you think? https://github.com/ForkAwesome/Fork-Awesome/commit/796dc7470741ab46f24a8970c9904983f2b0de75

  63. SaltyBones

    I scrolled a bit but couldn't find and image of the actual icon. ;)

  64. SaltyBones


  65. jcbrand

    SaltyBones: already included

  66. jcbrand

    Neustradamus: ^

  67. Neustradamus

    jcbrand: I do not understand

  68. jcbrand

    The Fork Awesome news is already included in the newsletter

  69. Neustradamus