XSF Communications Team - 2018-02-28

  1. goffi


  2. goffi

    I would like to translate the newsletter to a popular French website, and maybe regularly, but there is no licence specified

  3. goffi

    would it be possible to use CC By-SA ?

  4. SaltyBones

    https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/ this?

  5. SaltyBones

    https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0/ this?

  6. SaltyBones


  7. SaltyBones

    looks reasonable to me...

  8. goffi


  9. goffi

    for this newsletter, it imply that every contributor agree, and probably that we add a mention at the bottom.

  10. SaltyBones

    ask jc, he is in my interpretation of the world the author :)

  11. goffi

    jc: ^

  12. jc

    goffi: fine by me

  13. goffi

    jc: cool :). So if we can just add "This newlester in under Creative Common CC By-SA 4.0" at the end it's perfect and I can copy the text for translation. I can submit a P.R. but after my working day.

  14. jc

    I'm on the road today and tomorrow, would appreciate it if someone else can add it.

  15. goffi

    no worries, I'll do a P.R. later today

  16. jc

    Thanks, BTW you might want to talk to Link Mauve, he was also thinking of having a French translation

  17. jc

    Perhaps we should somewhere document, (probably the wiki?) that the newsletter text is CC

  18. goffi

    jc: he was probably thinking about the same site as me (and the French planet I guess)

  19. winfried

    Should the board approve copyright decisions?

  20. Link Mauve

    Yes I was, jc, goffi.

  21. Daniel_W

    Hi jc, can you edit the new newsletter, the version number for tigase release is wrong

  22. jc

    Daniel_W: sorry, I can't do it tonight, you have access as well though

  23. Daniel_W

    no problem

  24. Daniel_W

    I forgot it's on github, all fixed.