XSF Communications Team - 2018-03-05

  1. Seve

    You guys know that I'm usually more active, I got more busy than normal, I apologise. Please, let me know if there is something you need a hand.

  2. Guus

    You guys seen this? https://petermolnar.net/instant-messenger-hell/

  3. jcbrand

    Guus, SaltyBones: Please use the wiki page

  4. jcbrand

    Guus, SaltyBones: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/News_and_Articles_for_the_next_XMPP_Newsletter

  5. jcbrand set the topic to

    Article submissions: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/News_and_Articles_for_the_next_XMPP_Newsletter

  6. Guus

    I was unsure if it was newsletter material, to be honest

  7. jcbrand

    Guus: it's better to add it and then decide later

  8. jcbrand


  9. Guus


  10. Guus

    Ah, you already added it