XSF Communications Team - 2018-03-13

  1. Ge0rG

    Hey folks, can we get a tweet out about the upcoming Berlin XMPP Meetup? It was announced on standards@

  2. Guus

    Let's. I can do that with my SCAM hat.

  3. Guus

    also add it to the calendar and wiki perhaps

  4. Ge0rG

    Guus: please do

  5. Guus

    Can you do the wiki page Ge0rG? I'll do the tweet and calendar

  6. jonasw

    "retweet" jcs blogpost maybe?

  7. Guus

    I'll leave that for the commteam

  8. jonasw

    yeah, saying that to commteam :)

  9. jonasw

    otherwise I would’ve pinged you in xsf@ :)

  10. Ge0rG

    jonasw: I've thought about that as well

  11. jcbrand

    Perhaps someone else can do that with (retweet my blog), firstly I'm not sure how to do that since both my accounts are linked with Tweetdeck, secondly I think it's appropriate if someone else does it

  12. Guus

    I can do it, but it'd prefer to have others practise and be able to :)

  13. Guus

    jcbrand, for the record, in tweetdeck, you can select what account(s) you want to do the tweeting, when composing a new tweet.

  14. Guus

    SouL, can you do this?

  15. jcbrand

    Guus: yes, but I'm not composing a tweet, I'm retweeting

  16. SouL

    Guus, I don't have Twitter powers

  17. SouL

    I'm sorry

  18. jcbrand

    Never mind

  19. Guus

    SouL, you should get some. intosi and/or kev can yelp you out with that

  20. jcbrand

    I did it

  21. Guus

    jcbrand, I didn't think of that.

  22. jcbrand

    It is doable

  23. Guus

    if you hit the retweet icon, it prompts you?

  24. Guus

    hmm, the XMPP Twitter accoutn has a pinned tweet from 2015. Is that still desired?

  25. jonasw

    I was also wondering

  26. jonasw

    looks really weird and unmaintained

  27. Guus

    the blog itself isn't to bad

  28. Guus

    maybe retweet/repin?

  29. jonasw

    the blog post could use some love

  30. jonasw

    maybe graphics or something

  31. jcbrand

    Doesn't look like I can edit the pinned tweet from Tweetdeck, so someone with the actual password might be required