XSF Communications Team - 2018-05-29

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  43. jonasw

    anybody with power who wants to set a proper room name & description for this room?

  44. jonasw

    also, I’d like to append https://muclumbus.jabbercat.org/ to the next newsletter. I can write a short introductory text if needed.

  45. SouL

    jonasw, I think it's always good if you can provide that short text

  46. jonasw

    room name: "XSF Communication Team" room description: "Discussion/Organization room for the communication and PR team of the XMPP Standards Foundation" maybe?

  47. SouL

    I was talking about muclumbus hehe :D

  48. jonasw

    oh right

  49. jonasw

    https://muclumbus.jabbercat.org/ > Christopher Muclumbus is a new project to publicly list XMPP/Jabber chat rooms. It provides a web interface with full-text search considering the rooms name, address and description. Only rooms which are configured to be publicly listed are shown, to prevent possible privacy issues. It is still in a kind of beta phase, so feedback on it is especially welcome. For more details visit the website.

  50. SouL

    Cool jonasw :)

  51. SouL

    Saved for the newsletter

  52. jonasw


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  59. jonasw

    SouL, hm, did you ask for admin powers in iteam? don’t you already have them?

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  62. SouL

    jonasw: no

  63. SouL

    h wait yes

  64. SouL


  65. SouL

    My baf

  66. SouL

    Fgg mobile

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  79. SouL set the topic to

    XSF Communication Team

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