XSF Communications Team - 2018-06-29

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  19. jcbrand

    I'm considering not sending out the newsletter this month, due to lack of content

  20. jcbrand

    There were some submissions on the wiki, but quite a few are of poor quality

  21. jcbrand

    I don't think we should link to random Tweets for example

  22. jcbrand

    And there aren't many interesting articles either

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  25. jcbrand

    I guess I'll still send it out, it'll just have fewer links and articles than usual

  26. SouL

    Yeah... Well, I was quite impressed that we had all that content on the past newsletters

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  30. jcbrand

    SouL: Would you perhaps be available to proofread? https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/blob/newsletter/content/posts/newsletter/2018-06.md

  31. SouL

    jcbrand, that `however` at the end, does it sound good to you? `More work needs to be done, so don't expect to see this in the App Store before August however.`

  32. SouL

    I updated some links

  33. SouL

    I think it's ready although I'm not sure about that `however`

  34. jcbrand

    SouL: I purposely let it link to the introduction, which IMO is more readable and informative than the homepage

  35. jcbrand

    We can remove the "however"

  36. SouL

    jcbrand, I changed it because the link was not working

  37. SouL

    the /introduction one

  38. jcbrand


  39. SouL

    Forgot to add it to the commit, my bad

  40. jcbrand

    I thought I fixed taht

  41. jcbrand

    SouL: Ok, I fixed the link now, thanks for checking

  42. jcbrand

    And I removed the dangling "however"

  43. SouL

    Super cool, thank you very much jcbrand!

  44. jcbrand

    sure, thanks for helping

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  49. MattJ

    jcbrand, I don't even know what the process is for submitting stuff to the newsletter

  50. MattJ

    I feel like there should be a ping to people - "What have you done this week that is worth going in the newsletter?"

  51. MattJ

    Could be an XMPP bot :)

  52. jcbrand

    MattJ: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/News_and_Articles_for_the_next_XMPP_Newsletter

  53. MattJ

    Where is this discoverable?

  54. jcbrand set the topic to

    Submissions for the newsletter: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/News_and_Articles_for_the_next_XMPP_Newsletter

  55. jcbrand

    MattJ: nowhere I guess 🙂

  56. jcbrand

    I guess it could be added to the newsletter itself

  57. jcbrand

    that would be a good first place

  58. MattJ

    Yes, agreed, that would be a good start

  59. MattJ

    There is much activity in prosody-modules that deserves to see more exposure

  60. MattJ

    I could add some things about new modules that people have made, or new features in existing modules

  61. jcbrand

    I have to say however, IMO people should write blog posts about what they're doing. Simply pointing to a tweet, github page or something like that isn't sufficient

  62. jcbrand

    Not that you're doing this, but that's happened a few times with submissions

  63. jcbrand

    So concerning Prosody modules, yes absolutely... where it falls flat is that people don't do writeups about their work

  64. jcbrand

    A "Prosody modules roundup" or "This week/month in Prosody" would be great 🙂

  65. jcbrand

    Same for any other project of course

  66. pep.

    I guess jabberfr could write a blog post for the recent mod_prometheus

  67. pep.

    Link Mauve, ^

  68. Link Mauve

    I started that.

  69. Link Mauve


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  93. SouL

    Nice guys!

  94. SouL

    I like what I read!

  95. SouL


  96. pep.

    I would also like to start a blog for cluxia (cluxia.eu), soon-ish. To describe the work that we're busy not doing :)

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