XSF Communications Team - 2018-11-02

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  37. jc

    I'm struggling to find the time to work on this months newsletter, is there someone who could potentially help out?

  38. SouL

    Aye sir!

  39. SouL

    I will

  40. SouL

    I can't take a look until I'm home today, unfortunately.

  41. jc

    Thanks SouL, I'll see whether I can update the wiki with more links today

  42. SouL

    Great, thanks jc

  43. Link Mauve

    SouL, https://monal.im/blog/monal-in-eu-stores/ and https://monal.im/blog/links-will-look-different/ maybe.

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  46. jc


  47. jc

    I've added some other things to the wiki

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  84. SouL

    jc, I'm about to send a PR for the newsletter (I know it is late, couldn't get earlier at home, sorry). About the author thing, should I put my full name, a nickname or..? I see it is used at least for the website, but not sure.

  85. jc

    SouL Thanks for much for your effort on this. It's fine that it's late, this is all volunteer driven

  86. jc

    About the author, I personally don't care. Use whatever you're comfortable with

  87. SouL

    It is not displayed anywhere, so I don't know if I put my name with spaces will break anything, mainly that is the question

  88. SouL

    I can just write Seve

  89. jc

    What value was there before?

  90. jc

    What value did I give?

  91. SouL


  92. SouL

    I think it is used on the website to filter by your posts

  93. SouL

    one second

  94. SouL


  95. SouL

    jc, there ^

  96. SouL

    Going to write Seve just in case

  97. jc


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  99. SouL

    jc, are you able to trigger the sending of the newsletter? I don't know how you do that

  100. SouL is ashamed

  101. SouL

    https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/474/files I'm reading it over and over, just in case

  102. SouL

    I will proofread it once again and merge if there are no complaints

  103. SouL

    Unless you guys want to wait for tomorrow, of course. I'm fine.

  104. jc

    SouL "brand new", not "new brand" ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. jc

    SouL "a call for participation for Real Time Communications at FOSDEM. " perhaps rather "a call for participation in the Real Time Communications track at FOSDEM"

  106. jc

    SouL "Great opportunity for the interested ones on giving an XMPP talk." "Great opportunity for anyone interested in giving an XMPP talk"

  107. jc

    SouL "unread inbox support and more.." has two dots at the end

  108. jc

    SouL "being 4.0.4 the latest release." => "with 4.0.4 being the latest release."

  109. jc

    Other than that, looks really good!

  110. jc

    I like you're style, and considering that you're not native English speaker, it's very good

  111. jc

    I like your style, and considering that you're not native English speaker, it's very good

  112. jc

    I'll handle out sending of the newsletter. I can show you how that's done some other time perhaps

  113. SouL

    jc, thank you very much for the checks! I'm modifiying it now

  114. SouL

    jc, changes sent.

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  116. jc

    Thanks, I've merged it. Once it's built I'll send out the emails

  117. SouL


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  119. arnaud.jacquemin

    Hello everybody

  120. SouL

    Hello arnaud.jacquemin

  121. arnaud.jacquemin

    I'm ArnaudJ who did the French translation last month

  122. SouL

    Thank you for that! It is very appreciated :)

  123. arnaud.jacquemin

    Link Mauve sent me in this chatroom, not sure why, but I'm happy to say โ€œhelloโ€ ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  124. arnaud.jacquemin

    You're welcome, it's my pleasure!

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  126. jc

    hi ArnaudJ

  127. jc

    Newsletter email is being sent out to 161 subscribers

  128. Link Mauve

    ArnaudJ, maybe next month the French version can be sent at the same time!

  129. Link Mauve

    With a call for other people to translate it in their language too.

  130. ArnaudJ

    Oops sorry, I think I'm not in the mailing list, I'm more of a RSS type of guy...

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  132. ArnaudJ

    Link Mauve: yeah that would be great, but also more difficult to synchronize everybody

  133. SouL

    We can try to coordinate for the next one :)

  134. ArnaudJ

    The OSM community tries to do that on weeklyosm.eu

  135. ArnaudJ

    The French translation is late sometimes

  136. ArnaudJ


  137. ArnaudJ

    But I'm OK to try for the next one, if I just need to save an evening in my calendar

  138. ArnaudJ

    To be honest I'm not an expert, I'm just an average XMPP user, my translation will need proofreading (Link Mauve did it last month)

  139. Link Mauve

    Iโ€™m always here if you need it again. :)

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