XSF Communications Team - 2018-11-05

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  30. SouL

    ArnaudJ, I will point to the french translation later today, thanks again :)

  31. ArnaudJ

    You're welcome!

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  39. SouL

    I'm going to take a look at the website, to put a section linking to the newsletter in other languages. To avoid mentioning in every newsletter that it is also available in other languages. After that section on the website is done, it can be added in the newsletter of next month.

  40. SouL

    Just a list here will do, I think https://xmpp.org/newsletter.html

  41. SouL

    ArnaudJ, do you feel you could take care of the translation into French of the newsletter? If so, would be cool if you could post it in news.jabberfr.org like as for now, but adding a unique tag to it. So I could link it like: https://news.jabberfr.org/category/xsf-newsletter

  42. SouL

    The tag is made up, you can just use whatever you want

  43. SouL

    But if you could do that, would help a lot, to avoid updating every month the link to it

  44. SouL

    I'm planning to translate it into catalan and spanish, so having the list will become handy.

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  52. ArnaudJ

    SouL: I think I can add a category or a tag for the newsletter

  53. SouL

    ArnaudJ: awesome 💖

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  72. ArnaudJ

    SouL: Here it is, with a little help from Link Mauve : https://news.jabberfr.org/category/newsletter/

  73. SouL

    ArnaudJ: awesome, I will work on it tomorrow, merci beaucoup

  74. ArnaudJ

    SouL: de rien ! 😃