XSF Communications Team - 2018-12-18

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  19. erkanfiles

    Hey guys, GeOrg asked me to translate the newsletters to german. Sounds like a realistic way getting involved ;-)

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  27. vanitasvitae

    erkanfiles: great idea!

  28. erkanfiles

    Where to submit the results? Or should I start with upcoming newsletters? How to get the drafts before releasing?

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  30. vanitasvitae

    I think jc is often composing the newsletter, so he might help.

  31. erkanfiles


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  34. SouL

    erkanfiles, what we are doing with the current french translations is, linking the translations to somewhere where they are hosted. You can check it here: https://xmpp.org/newsletter.html

  35. SouL

    erkanfiles, arnaudj is the one that is translating it to French

  36. jc

    erkanfiles: submissions are made here: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/News_and_Articles_for_the_next_XMPP_Newsletter#Submissions

  37. jc

    Looks a bit sparse ATM

  38. jc

    I look there, then I also look at my RSS reader and in Twitter/Mastodon

  39. jc

    erkanfiles: I always start writing at the last minute... it would be nice to have drafts for you earlier, but that makes it even more work for me.

  40. SouL

    We don't have a place to host translations currently

  41. jc

    I would however not stop anyone else from starting an initial draft eariler

  42. jc

    There's no rule that says only I can write the newsletter.

  43. jc

    SouL: has also done it before

  44. jc

    Probably translations could be hosted on xmpp.org as well, but that would require changes to the website

  45. SouL

    I wanted to start this month writing the newsletter during the month. I think is not fair if you are always writing it, jc :) Unfortunately this month has been crazy for me, I'm not in Copenhagen until 16 of January and it is hard to find time

  46. jc

    > this month has been crazy for me... it is hard to find time Which is why I always write it at the last minute

  47. erkanfiles

    How to get a notification if there is a new text to translate for me?

  48. jc

    erkanfiles: Thew newsletter gets sent at the last Friday of each month (generally)

  49. SouL

    erkanfiles, if you are able to be on this room, we can tell you, if not, you can always ask us before the month is about to end

  50. jc

    erkanfiles: So best bet would be to hang out here around that time.

  51. erkanfiles


  52. pep.

    jc: for December we might have more stuff with stuff being done at CCC

  53. jc

    Ok, but if no-one writes blog posts about it, there's nothing to link to in the newsletter

  54. pep.

    I'm going to send something on the members list at least, to invite people to visit us. Do you think we can also twitter or something?

  55. pep.

    Hmm, right

  56. erkanfiles

    Ill be at the C35C3 so there will be no time for translate before dec 31th

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  58. jc

    pep. I don't like linking to tweets, they don't contain enough info IMO

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  60. pep.

    jc: I wasn't saying we should link tweets

  61. pep.

    I was just wondering if we could tweet about the xmpp assembly

  62. pep.

    That's SPAM though maybe

  63. pep.


  64. jc


  65. jc

    Tweeting is part of the commsteam as well

  66. jc

    But nobody takes it super seriously 😛

  67. jc

    I do have access to the twitter account and I tweet the newsletter once a month

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  95. Guus

    > But nobody takes it super seriously 😛 What he said.

  96. Guus

    More content is more better

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