XSF Communications Team - 2018-12-21

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  8. jc Ge0rG: please put submissions in the relevant wiki page
  9. jc In the chat topic
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  17. Ge0rG Oh, and there is also the current outrage about Slack closing down on Iranian and perceived-Iranian users. It would be really great if we had a simple-to-deploy all-in-one webchat docker
  18. Ge0rG But even without it, we should mention https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-46642760 or one of the many other sources
  19. Ge0rG (just added the link to the wiki page)
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  24. jc Ge0rG: I'm working on and off on such a docker setup
  25. jc I'll put what I have on github soon
  26. jc About the Slack issue, I don't know what others think, but I personally only want to post info on xmpp and not about other chat platforms
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  28. Ge0rG jc: I can see your point. We covered Slack in the past, but always in the context of XMPP, which is obviously not given here. Its upon the commteam to decide :)
  29. jc IMO, the way to make this a topic for the newsletter is for someone to do a blog post about the issue and how it relates to xmpp
  30. jc Then that post can link to the BBC article
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  32. Ge0rG could it be a blog post on xmpp.org? ;)
  33. Ge0rG jc: actually, this sounds like a call for a "look how easy you can do decentralized xmpp" blog post, for which somebody developing a webchat client would be the most ideal candidate! 😁
  34. jc Ge0rG: if only we had that docker image ready for it...
  35. jc I'll make what I have available in github later today so that others can try it out and maybe help
  36. Ge0rG jc: we've still got one more week for the newsletter.
  37. Ge0rG I might have very limited testing capability between the holidays.
  38. jc I'm on holiday next week though. In principle I'm happy to write such a blog post but I doubt I'll have the time for it
  39. jc I've been having very interesting discussions around xmpp on the fediverse recently, which I could also turn into a blog post some time
  40. Ge0rG jc: do you have links?
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  44. jc I'll have to look later, afk atm
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  55. jc Ge0rG: this is one of various threads, perhaps 7 or so. https://mastodon.xyz/@jcbrand/101228757380507567
  56. jc You need to scroll up a bit to see the first msg in the thread
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