XSF Communications Team - 2019-01-06

  1. arnaudj

    pep.: hi, I'm proofreading the French translation

  2. pep.

    It's far from being done :P

  3. pep.

    Maybe we should also add a note at the beginning saying this article was originally published on the 4th, for the "today"

  4. pep.

    jc, you use complicated sentences :p (/me not used to translation)

  5. pep.

    arnaudj, n'hésite pas à me corriger, je vais pas le prendre mal.

  6. arnaudj

    pep.: entendu ! pour le moment tout me semble bon, j'ai juste proposé une alternative à "humeur nostalgique"

  7. pep.

    Oui j'ai vu, ça me parait bien :)

  8. arnaudj

    j'attaque la traduction par la fin, nous devrions nous rejoindre au milieu :-)

  9. erkanfiles


  10. Ge0rG


  11. pep.

    arnaudj, I left a few "(?)" wherever I'm not sure :x

  12. arnaudj

    Ge0rG, erkanfiles : stop talking about food, you're making me hungry :-)

  13. erkanfiles

    Thought, the official language is EN?!

  14. pep.

    I don't think there's an official language? But EN is probably the one that most people understand

  15. arnaudj

    pep.: I've read the Logitech article in hope that I would find answers to the question marks... but they are still mysterious, as I'm not sure I understand the subtleties

  16. pep.

    The one I'm really not sure about is "controls"

  17. pep.

    I assume that refers to the XMPP functionalities or sth

  18. arnaudj

    erkanfiles: sorry, we didn't want to colonize the chatroom!

  19. pep.

    erkanfiles, you contributed to the effort, you're as much guilty as we are :)

  20. pep.

    arnaudj, how does that look

  21. arnaudj

    quite good already

  22. pep.

    « contenu adulte » is that correct in french?

  23. arnaudj

    it doesn't sound problematic to my ears

  24. pep.


  25. arnaudj

    maybe we should post the pad link on the jabberfr chatroom to get more proofreading

  26. pep.


  27. arnaudj

    maybe "contenu pour adultes", because it's the viewers not the content that should be adult

  28. pep.

    right, sounds good