XSF Communications Team - 2019-01-31

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  3. SouL

    I've sent a PR, I have added you to review it, jc. Let me know if you can't and I will bug somebody else :) This one is pretty short, I did what I could do this late, sorry. There's also the problem with some posts in german that I haven't added because I don't speak german and I don't want to make the mistake of using an online translator :) I think it is not bad if there's not much meat into this one, the important thing for me is to send it out every month if that is the goal. Unless we decide on sending newsletters depending on the content and if any important event is going to happen, etc. I know you all guys are going to be having fun in Brussels, so just let me know whenever you can, https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/510

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  6. jc

    Thanks SouL, that was quick.

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  27. Link Mauve

    SouL, you could add tokio-xmpp, which reached its 1.0.0 release.

  28. Link Mauve

    It is a Rust library for doing XMPP.

  29. SouL

    Link Mauve, is there any post or changelog that I could link to?

  30. SouL

    I'm at work and even if I can add something, I'm not able to search at this moment

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  32. Link Mauve

    SouL, I just asked Astro-.

  33. SouL

    Link Mauve: thanks

  34. SouL

    If jc can't, I would also like if somebody else can review it, just to send it on time although almost all the participants in here are at the Summit right now, except me

  35. SouL

    Damn it

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  37. SouL

    I also wanted to talk about Summit on the next one, not this one, after all events happened

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  45. Link Mauve

    SouL, actually tokio-xmpp 1.0 was a mistake, it doesn’t mean 1.0 in the general meaning.

  46. jc

    I'm working on the newsletter, there are still many articles that can be added

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  52. jc

    SouL: Once again, thanks for helping out with writing the newsletter! I've added some more articles and news, including the German articles. I've also made some changes to your text, especially under the "Releases" section.

  53. jc

    I personally think it's better to keep the releases section simple and not have too much unnecessary text there.

  54. jc

    I'd appreciate it if people here could do a proofread

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