XSF Communications Team - 2019-02-26

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  18. jc

    I still want to create a pubsub module for converse.js that can be used to add comments to a website

  19. jc

    Just don't have the time at all 😒

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  56. pep.

    jc, yeah helping on that pubsub thing is also in my todo somewhere. That would force people to get XMPP accounts, so we also need to work on the onboarding story I guess

  57. jc

    Converse already supports OAuth login, so that could be extended upon to make it easier for people to comment

  58. pep.

    Hmm, would that application be attached to the blogger's XMPP server or sth?

  59. jc

    Could provide a hosted service and if people want to set it up themselves they can as well

  60. pep.

    How does the OAuth thing work? You can limit authorized providers right?

  61. jc


  62. pep.

    Ok. That would still mean duplication (of accounts) I guess, if some people use the hosted service, and some others use self-hosted services. People using oauth would create accounts on all of these instances

  63. pep.

    *confusion ensues*

  64. jc

    Not if federation is enabled

  65. pep.

    How do I know as a self-hoster what is the identity authority for the guy using oauth?

  66. jc

    Why do you care?

  67. jc

    If you're federating you don't have anything like that for other XMPP servers

  68. pep.

    I don't understand

  69. jc

    You need an XMPP server which supports OAuth login, so ultimately it is still an XMPP account

  70. pep.


  71. jc

    And if you federate, then there's not much difference between an OAuth account or a normal account

  72. pep.

    There is

  73. pep.


  74. pep.

    Ok we're not aligned here

  75. jc

    Ah, you mean the client doesn't allow all authority providers

  76. jc

    well, then that's the way it is

  77. pep.

    No I'm saying,

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  80. pep.

    HosterA, HosterB, Github, userA. userA first creates an account at HosterA using their Github identity,

  81. pep.

    They now have access to AccountsA

  82. pep.

    userA goes to HosterB, do they create an account? What if they don't understand anything at XMPP and they just try to login using OAuth again, creating AccountB on HosterB

  83. pep.

    How does HosterB knows in the first place that AccountA is even a thing

  84. jc

    Depends on how HosterB is set up

  85. jc

    But yes, it could happen

  86. pep.

    That's why I was talking about account duplication, federation or not

  87. pep.

    Or you'd create another big node of users, that hosted service

  88. jc

    Comments aren't federated currently anyway, so either you have a centralized account on Disquss, or on each site that uses its own comments you have a new account

  89. pep.

    If you look at things on the web, that's true

  90. pep.

    If you look at things done in XMPP currently, that's less true

  91. jc

    Yes, I was thinking of having a de facto XMPP server handling OAuth accounts, and people could delegate to that

  92. jc

    And if they really want to self-host OAuth accounts, then they can, then there's account duplication

  93. pep.

    Well the best would be for github to have their own account

  94. pep.

    Well the best would be for github to have their own xmpp server

  95. pep.

    Best, yes and no

  96. jc

    The way I set up OAuth is for each OAuth provider to have it's own VirtualHost on the Prosody server

  97. pep.

    That would be yet another huge hub of users

  98. pep.


  99. jc

    And you could configure converse.js to use those hosts by default

  100. pep.


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  102. pep.

    That doesn't really solve my problem, but then I don't know if much can be done for that either

  103. jc

    what is your problem?

  104. SouL

    Having all users at the same place?

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  106. pep.

    SouL, that's a problem that arises while trying to solve my problem :/

  107. pep.

    My first issue is,

  108. pep.

    I would like userA to be able to reuse the first account they created on HosterA, while not especially be XMPP-savvy

  109. pep.

    I would like userA to be able to reuse the first account they created on HosterA, while not especially being XMPP-savvy

  110. jc

    That's fine, as long as the client is using the default configuration

  111. jc

    Then it'll route Github logins to the right XMPP sever

  112. pep.

    And I don't want to limit userA to the one big hoster out there

  113. jc

    Well, that's really the issue πŸ™‚ In that case, they shouldn't use OAuth, and 99.99% of the people who use OAuth wouldn't care about it IMO

  114. pep.


  115. jc

    By using OAuth they're indicating that they don't care

  116. pep.

    But then,

  117. pep.

    Do "we" the community "design" somebody who's going to play the github identity provider? :/

  118. pep.

    Because that's essentially what you're saying no?

  119. jc

    I'm not thinking of doing this for the XSF

  120. pep.

    sure, XSF or not

  121. jc

    This is a personal project, and maybe I can charge for hosting

  122. jc

    And I'd be happy to work with people on it

  123. jc

    Since I'm overloaded as it it

  124. jc

    Since I'm overloaded as it is

  125. pep.

    Yeah that's also something I'd like to work on tbh

  126. SouL

    It is something we need, so..

  127. jc

    I'm looking for sustainable ways to work on Converse.js, and that means generating income

  128. jc

    Not just for me, but for everyone involved of course

  129. pep.

    One other thing, you say "as long as the client is using the default configuration, then it'll router Github logins to the right XMPP server", that means you expect self-hoster to also route github logins to that one big hub?

  130. jc

    pep. Well, once you have time, let me know and we can discuss how to go about it

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  132. jc

    pep. Unless they configure the client to not do it

  133. jc

    It's the default

  134. jc

    Most people want to allow people to log in with OAuth, because most bloggers want to lower the barrier to entry for spam

  135. jc

    Most people want to allow commenters to log in with OAuth, because most bloggers want to lower the barrier to entry for spam

  136. jc

    Most people want to allow commenters to log in with OAuth, because most bloggers want to lower the barrier to entry for comments (haha

  137. jc

    Most people want to allow commenters to log in with OAuth, because most bloggers want to lower the barrier to entry for comments (haha)

  138. jc

    Freudian slip

  139. pep.


  140. jc

    I was thinking about spam

  141. pep.

    Ok, so really the identity provider I'm trusting is BigHoster, not Github

  142. jc

    You're trusting BigHoster, but I'm not sure it's correct to call it the identity provider

  143. jc

    Github is the identity provider

  144. pep.

    In the case of XMPP it isn't. as self-hoster if I have them create an account on bighoster, I'm trusting bighoster :P

  145. pep.

    I don't even have to know about github

  146. jc

    You're gonna have an order of magnitude more spam from normal XMPP accounts, than from OAuth/BigHoster accounts πŸ™‚

  147. jc


  148. pep.

    Yeah it's not a case of "I'm worried about spam"

  149. jc

    what are you worried about?

  150. pep.

    Just trying to understand and make things clear

  151. pep.

    Trust is always an issue :P

  152. jc

    Any other XMPP server you're federating you have to trust

  153. jc

    BigHoster is just another one

  154. jc

    Any other XMPP server you're federating with you have to trust

  155. pep.


  156. pep.

    btw, unrelated, these 4 messages above were supposed to be LMC?

  157. jc


  158. pep.

    I only got the first one corrected

  159. pep.

    20:40:59 jc1> Most people want to allow commenters to log in with OAuth, because most bloggers want to lower the barrier to entry for spam 20:41:07 jc> Most people want to allow commenters to log in with OAuth, because most bloggers want to lower the barrier to entry for comments (haha 20:41:09 jc> Most people want to allow commenters to log in with OAuth, because most bloggers want to lower the barrier to entry for comments (haha)

  160. jc

    Bug in poezio πŸ˜›

  161. pep.


  162. jc

    Oh, Converse.js allows editing earlier messages than the last

  163. jc

    Could be that

  164. Link Mauve

    jc, poezio too.

  165. pep.

    nah, poezio should also

  166. Link Mauve

    jc, my guess is that you corrected the first id three times, while poezio replaces the entire message with the correction as per the XEP, including the id.

  167. jc

    Link Mauve: that sounds right

  168. jc

    So Converse is not spec-compliant?

  169. pep. gets his pointy fingers to point at converse

  170. pep.


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  173. jc

    I don't actually see that the XEP says this explicitly

  174. jc

    Link Mauve: Can you quote where in the XEP this is said?

  175. Link Mauve

    Hmm, β€œIt is expected that the receiver SHOULD then treat the new stanza as complete replacement for all the payloads received in the original stanza.”

  176. Link Mauve

    That may mean only payloads, and not attributes of the outer message.

  177. Link Mauve

    But then, why?

  178. pep.

    why what? What this SHOULD?

  179. pep.

    I guess it's mostly for consistency?

  180. jc

    Well well well...

  181. jc


  182. SouL grabs the popcorn

  183. jc

    Should I make a bug report for Poezio? πŸ˜‰

  184. SouL


  185. SouL


  186. SouL is just joking :D

  187. Link Mauve

    jc, or a fix to the XEP to specify that the stanza replaces the old one, period?

  188. jc

    I'm not sure that this is better...

  189. pep.

    err, do you really want to do that?

  190. Link Mauve

    pep., that’s what we do yes.

  191. jc

    They all replace the original stanza

  192. jc

    I can see arguments for both ways of doing things

  193. Link Mauve

    It avoids having to go back in the history tree up to the root stanza and modify it again.

  194. pep.

    What about all other payloads in the stanza? That means you can remove anything outside of <body/>?

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  197. pep.

    (well it's already used for xhtml-im etc., I guess, and also omemo, pgp, and whatnots)

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  199. pep.

    Or wait no, not OMEMO

  200. pep.

    Or at least it shouldn't, privacy [blah blah]

  201. Link Mauve

    pep., yes, all of the payloads, and here I argue that it should also replace the attributes of the stanza.

  202. pep.

    That's not generally something I'm really fond of, mutability :x

  203. pep.

    Also, "hijack commteam@ for your new pet bug 101", available today in your syllabus

  204. jc

    Nothing we've talked about this whole conversation is relevant to this MUC

  205. pep.


  206. pep.

    "How to put XMPP MUCs to good use"

  207. pep.

    So.. open a bug on poezio, and converse, with a "This needs to be resolved by trial by combat on standards@"?

  208. jc

    Well, Converse is spec-compliant as it's currently written

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  210. pep. falls, pointy fingers twisted, defeated

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  213. SouL


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  215. pep.

    jc, https://lab.louiz.org/poezio/poezio/issues/3462 :)

  216. jc


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