XSF Communications Team - 2019-03-26

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  54. SouL Dear team! There's the Berlin sprint happening just at the end of the month, I was wondering... Should we submit the newsletter for this month and include any news from the sprint for the next one, or wait to see if there's something to tell about the sprint and send it afterwards? I guess that would be between 1st-5th of next month, more or less. I'm attending the sprint but I don't want to influence the newsletter by any means, so I would send it on the 31st and include whatever it is on the next one. But of course I would like that we the super cool commteam discuss this and get into an agreement for future cases as well, maybe.
  55. jc I think we should just send the newsletter as usual. It often takes a while for blogs about a sprint to appear, often more than a week.
  56. SouL Agree
  57. SouL (Well, it's not like I didn't agree with myself before... :D)
  58. pep. yeah. We still haven't published much about the sprint in brussels. I should see with blabla if it's possible to do something about it
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