XSF Communications Team - 2019-04-02

  1. jc

    SouL: or we just leave the newsletter for this month, since there isn't much news anyway

  2. SouL

    jc, I will give it a thought when I'm home (although I would prefer right now to send it, but haven't made up my mind yet)

  3. jc

    I can say with certainty that I won't be able to work on it. This week is crunch-time at work.

  4. SouL

    No worries, will try to have say something here later today when I'm at home, tough day at work as well

  5. SouL

    jc, https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/547

  6. pep.

    SouL, https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/547/files#diff-f73d76d73134b9a9344f73a3b390f753R22 I think I'd remove the "missing"

  7. pep.

    That page can be used to find integrations in general (?)

  8. SouL

    pep., <3

  9. SouL

    I left March as the date because I would prefer to leave it as is instead of when it is being sent, but let me know jc

  10. pep.


  11. jc

    SouL: thank you very much. I think we can update the date, otherwise it might just confuse newsletter recipients