XSF Communications Team - 2019-04-03

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  3. Neustradamus

    Any news? https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/532

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  15. SouL

    jc, for me it is like "This is the newsletter for March" regardless from when you receive it, but what should I do now? If I change it for today's date, are you able to submit it today?

  16. Neustradamus

    SouL: we are in April

  17. Neustradamus

    2019 ^^

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  19. SouL

    Neustradamus: Indeed, what do you mean by that?

  20. jc

    SouL: Please just change the date to today, then I'll merge and send out the newsletter. I see the "date" metadata field still gives 28 February also.

  21. SouL

    jc: 👍

  22. SouL

    jc, done

  23. jc

    Thank you SouL!

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