XSF Communications Team - 2019-05-03

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  7. jc

    Hi guys, I've written the latest newsletter, I'd appreciate it if you could do a quick proofread. Thanks!

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  13. vanitasvitae

    jc: pretty nice. Maybe you can add the (German) articles about the berlin sprint? https://tooldoku.dbjr.de/2019/04/rueckblick-auf-den-xmpp-sprint/

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  15. jc

    Thanks vanitasvitae, done

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  37. arnaudj

    Gosh, already a new newsletter? Time flies!

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  46. debacle

    there wasn't a mention of the past Berlin sprint yet, right?

  47. debacle

    I can copy the summary from etherpad to wiki, then it can go to the newsletter

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  49. debacle

    here we go: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Sprints/2019_March_Berlin/Summary (it's a wiki, please find and correct errors!)

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  51. debacle

    I was too late for this newsletter, well, next time

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