XSF Communications Team - 2019-06-20

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  8. NaN oh hey, we're late
  9. NaN is working on the newsletter
  10. NaN Ge0rG I added this Instagram post
  11. Ge0rG 👍
  12. pep. NaN, is that jcbrand under cover? (of Javascript)
  13. Ge0rG Not a Name?
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  22. nyco I've had that NaN bug in Converse, like others, but can't find the proper conditions to reproduce it
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  25. pep. It's a secret feature that allows you to do anonymous MUC. You have to be qualified for it
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  29. Ge0rG This is a significant feat of Javascript if you can make it render a string as "Nan"
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  44. jc That wasn't me and for the record I generally don't want to put stuff in the newsletter that doesn't mention xmpp
  45. jc Otherwise it becomes much more difficult to determine relevance
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