XSF Communications Team - 2019-07-28

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  20. Link Mauve

    Hi, pep.’s blog post isn’t reproduced fully on https://planet.jabber.org/

  21. Link Mauve

    You may want to investigate why.

  22. pep.

    It seems I only provide a <summary/>

  23. pep.

    For some reason?

  24. pep.


  25. pep.

    Let me try to add the whole thing

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  28. pep.

    better now?

  29. Link Mauve

    Not yet.

  30. Link Mauve

    Maybe we need to wait for the planet to regenerate.

  31. pep.

    The feed is correct now at least?

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  34. Link Mauve

    pep., no, you are missing type="html" on content.

  35. Link Mauve

    Besides, it’d be nice to use xhtml instead, so users don’t have to feed it into yet another parser.

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  38. pep.

    Ah I forgot to pull that, I did add a type

  39. pep.

    Sure, I'll have a look someday if that can generate xhtml (a bit lazy now)

  40. pep.

    ok, type should be there now

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