XSF Communications Team - 2019-08-29

  1. Nÿco


  2. Nÿco

    the wiki page is frozen now, I've passed on git: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/602

  3. Nÿco

    please review

  4. Nÿco

    meanwhile, I am waiting for JC to give me access to TinyLetter

  5. Nÿco

    if possible, I want to publish it on Tuesday 3rd

  6. Nÿco

    pep, are you on github, so I assign you the review as well?

  7. SouL

    I'll check later after work, thank you Nÿco :D

  8. Nÿco


  9. Nÿco

    SouL what's your github handle?

  10. SouL


  11. pep.

    Nÿco: ppjet6. I'm not available until later in the afternoon though

  12. Nÿco

    thx, no hurry :)

  13. Nÿco

    oops, can't find you...

  14. Nÿco

    hey commTeam, since we launched the newsletter, until now, I have only collected links on the wiki, sometimes just done some very basic copywriting...

  15. Nÿco

    please I used to edit the XMPP Roundup, I took over stpeter then

  16. Nÿco

    the difference between the times of the roundup and the newsletter is the maturity of use of social media

  17. Nÿco

    and I am a bit surprised that we - as a community - use social media pretty badly

  18. Nÿco

    so we could write a short kind of guide for us all

  19. Nÿco

    how to write a post: text, image, hashtags, link

  20. Nÿco

    how to schedule posts: buffer, tweetdeck, hootsuite, etc.

  21. Nÿco

    how to analyses your analytics (funnels, acquisition, etc.)

  22. Nÿco

    all the best practices are already available everywhere online, it's just a matter of shaping it for us all

  23. Nÿco

    btw, is the team member list correct? https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/CommTeam#Team_members

  24. Nÿco

    hmmm... not the same: https://xmpp.org/about/xsf/comm-team.html

  25. SouL

    Yeah, that list was made two summits ago :D

  26. SouL

    Probably Daniel has not been active

  27. SouL

    I haven't seen him around here

  28. SouL

    In terms of activity, the one on the website is quite accurate

  29. Nÿco

    ok, thx

  30. Nÿco

    tbh, I am not around here often...

  31. Nÿco

    maybe we should recruit?

  32. SouL

    I think we are enough for what we do right now

  33. SouL

    It depends on the objectives :D

  34. jcbrand

    Nÿco: I sent you the credentials yesterday already. In chat via OMEMO

  35. Nÿco

    that's the problem: wrong key

  36. Nÿco

    can't read it

  37. jcbrand

    I sent them again

  38. Nÿco

    thx a lot, it works, I'm playing with the interface in order to familiarise now, I'll wait for more reviews before really posting

  39. Nÿco

    jcbrand why did you choose tinyletter over others?

  40. Nÿco

    I did that: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Basic_communication_guide_for_XMPP_techies

  41. pep.

    Nÿco: Ppjet6 with a caps then? I should also be in the xsf group somewhere

  42. Nÿco

    arg, I can't find you... :'(

  43. jcbrand

    > jcbrand why did you choose tinyletter over others? I don't remember, heard good things about them

  44. Nÿco

    ok, good enough :)

  45. pep.


  46. Nÿco

    wow, I followed you

  47. Nÿco

    the GitHub's search engine sucks

  48. ralphm

    Huh? https://github.com/search?q=maxime+buquet&type=Users

  49. Nÿco

    for some reason, I can't add you

  50. Nÿco


  51. Nÿco

    but I can you can do a review

  52. ralphm

    Oh, that's probably because pep isn't part of the team

  53. pep.


  54. Nÿco

    I guessed that, can you please add him?

  55. ralphm

    I can address that after Board

  56. Nÿco


  57. Nÿco

    you have 5 min, you can do it now :)

  58. pep.

    I was actually wondering if it made sense to merge both teams tbh

  59. Nÿco


  60. pep.

    Commteam and scam

  61. Nÿco

    that's a github team

  62. pep.


  63. pep.


  64. Nÿco

    oh, commteam and scam have some stuff in common, indeed

  65. pep.

    Just a related thought

  66. Nÿco

    I think I kind of agree...

  67. ralphm

    Well, they are separate work teams in the XSF, and I agree they should work together, but merging them doesn't feel like the best of ideas

  68. Nÿco

    why not?

  69. pep.

    There's a slight nuance but both have more or less the same goal, i.e., outreach. Plus it's not like we had many active people..

  70. Nÿco

    why not?

  71. Nÿco

    why not?

  72. Nÿco

    why not?

  73. nyco


  74. ralphm

    Because, e.g. I like to help out with meetups, etc, and not (currently) with writing newsletters or other types of communication

  75. ralphm


  76. nyco

    Movim fell down

  77. nyco

    sorry for the multiple attempts

  78. pep.

    ralphm: who says you have to do everything

  79. nyco

    actually, no one in scam helps on meetups organisation as far as I know

  80. ralphm

    nyco: why did we add a new person recently then?

  81. pep.

    nyco: ??

  82. ralphm

    Also, I've been working on the Summit again

  83. pep.

    ralphm: are you efforts public?

  84. ralphm

    I sent a mail on the dates

  85. pep.


  86. ralphm

    And there's a separate private discussion on the FOSDEM devroom

  87. pep.

    Ah, I wasn't aware of that

  88. pep.


  89. ralphm

    which part of "private discussion" was unclear?

  90. pep.

    Ok so there's no way to help even, better :)

  91. pep.

    I love these small elitists groups

  92. pep.

    I love these small elitist groups

  93. ralphm

    No need for now, at least

  94. ralphm

    Mostly handled by the realtime communications people anyway

  95. ralphm

    For this team, though, I would be interested in having some good handout and other presentational material

  96. ralphm

    Maybe a pull-up banner

  97. pep.

    Btw, Matrix appeared as "Matrix.org" on the stand map, would it be possible for XMPP to also appear on that map, and not just "realtime lounge". Or make matrix go in there as well

  98. ralphm

    I'll think about that. We've gone as Realtime Lounge for a couple of years now, and in 2018 they were part of it, and this year they were separate.

  99. ralphm

    I also talked to organizers on a different location / setup

  100. pep.

    Right, it's really not visible in that corner

  101. ralphm

    Well, also very crowded

  102. ralphm

    When we started with the Lounge, there were almost half the number of stands in total

  103. pep.

    Maybe someday fosdem will change venues :x

  104. pep.

    Or get a voucher system like CCC or something

  105. ralphm

    I don't know CCC's setup

  106. ralphm

    But ULB is great in that it is free

  107. pep.

    Not sure any of this is beneficial to fosdem, but it's really crowded and doesn't really make me want to go

  108. pep.

    “Nÿco: actually, no one in scam helps on meetups organisation as far as I know“ what did this mean btw

  109. ralphm

    Sometime he misfires :-D

  110. pep.

    Because we've been handling froscon and Camp lately, Daniel, Dino people and me for froscon, and dino, mathieui and me for Camp

  111. pep.

    And there's more coming

  112. pep.

    Ah maybe he's not connected

  113. Nÿco

    meetups organisers are not part of SCAM team

  114. pep.

    https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Meetups these?

  115. pep.

    Is this strictly required? We can help setting them up, we should, (also proposing content? Etc.), but we don't especially have to take part?

  116. pep.

    They don't have to join either? I'd prefer to let them do whatever they want, make the entry easy, and then only if they're interested they can join (not sure what that would bring them though)

  117. pep.

    Often these grow organically, it just happens. I'd like for them to contacts us and ask for help but at think by this point it's either already happening, or dead

  118. pep.

    Often these grow organically, it just happens. I'd like for them to contacts us and ask for help but I think by this point it's either already happening, or dead

  119. pep.

    I have been trying to push people here and there though to start again, in Paris for example

  120. pep.

    I can poke other people in different places maybe

  121. ralphm

    Nÿco: the point I tried to make is that we added pep. to SCAM specifically for his work on meetups.

  122. ralphm

    Maybe you weren't in that meeting.

  123. pep.

    That was at the summit

  124. pep.

    Though, terminology might be confusing here. What I try to organise is generally called "sprints". I believe what's called "meetup" is more user oriented

  125. pep.

    Only the target is different but that's already a significant change :p

  126. ralphm

    Yeah, I suppose we could rename to SCAMS, but that seems superfluous.

  127. pep.

    Yeah that's fine