XSF Communications Team - 2019-09-09

  1. ralphm

    Who is spamming @xmpp with similar messages for the news letter?

  2. SouL

    Where is that, ralphm ?

  3. ralphm

    I admire the enthusiasm, but it is a bit much.

  4. ralphm

    On Twitter

  5. SouL

    these ones? https://twitter.com/ShutdownWassap/status/1170879503209574400

  6. ralphm


  7. ralphm

    SouL: ^

  8. SouL

    ahhh, ok yeah now I get it haha

  9. SouL

    Probably Nyco?

  10. SouL

    I've invited him again to the room (something with his client)