XSF Communications Team - 2019-09-12

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  20. Nÿco https://movim.eu:5280/upload/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/LS7OpBmzeM2ibukQ9FJdXFm7SPrVLhennfav11WD/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-09-12_a__09.40.38.png
  21. Nÿco metrics for the Twitter @xmpp account
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  28. SouL Wow, super good job Nÿco, data definitively helps when making decisions!
  29. Nÿco so what do we learn from this? what hypothesis can we raise?
  30. Nÿco observation: end 2018 to beg 2019, we tweeted nothing, we still gained followers hypothesis: some of these followers are bots or attention seekers my experience: even dormant accounts gain followers this way
  31. Nÿco observation: from march to august, we have tweeted very few, we gain mentions and profile visits hypothesis: tweeting more increases mentions and profile visits my experience: that's mechanical also not shown here or the number of clicks on the link in the profile, this metrics is shown in individual tweets funnel
  32. Nÿco note: our Twitter account is only one part of the top of the funnel people visiting our website goes down the funnel
  33. Nÿco observation: january is weird as the is a peak for both new followers and impressions hypothesis: as I observe a peal as well on the @GetNayego account, I suppose it's a pattern on the Twitter platform my experience: none, wondering why
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  36. Nÿco observation: when we tweet, we have a lower number of new followers (note it show the growth, not the indivual number of new followers and unfollowers) hypothesis: this kind of seconds my above hypothesis that our new followers and bots and attention seekers, as they look not interested in our content (rather in our followback)
  37. Nÿco my experience: when you follow lots of accounts, lots follow back when you unfollow lots of accounts, lots unfollow back that's mechanical, once again attention seekers, growing their followers numbers
  38. Nÿco so as you see, with analytics we learn a little bit, but mostly we can generate hypothesis to experiment...
  39. Nÿco to me, we definitely need to publish more regularly on Twitter original content is a big effort, the best RoI, but hard curated content is cool, easy, still a good RoI so I recommend pushing on "the edge" of the community we kindly encourage XMPP contributors to write more regularly their own blog and tweets on @xmpp, we retweet, on the newsletter we relay
  40. Nÿco I'm on the newsletter, that's cool, a little help can do
  41. Nÿco once we have our LinkedIn account, we could use I suspect we can get more qualified leads here (like my experience shows)
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  43. Nÿco together, LinkedIn and Twitter can bring traffic to the website, then it would be a necessity to deploy a Matomo
  44. Nÿco https://movim.eu:5280/upload/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/ddVeMfN84W6bTsYQKcQsW99MoBHrt9IN7dABd7JV/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-09-12_a__11.14.03.png
  45. Nÿco impressions in blue above tweets in gray below impressions are the consequence of tweeting (causality, not only correlation)
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  48. Nÿco https://movim.eu:5280/upload/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/TDEsFJNgwtsgYSHSqQk19swEDvJCSpdl4yILsw0I/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-09-12_a__11.23.56.png
  49. Nÿco X: tweets Y1: impressions Y2: engagements (like, retweet, reply, click)
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  52. Nÿco correlation: 10 impressions generate more engagement 20 engagement generate more impressions 30 GOTO 10
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  54. Nÿco for all tweets this year: * the average engagement rate is: 0.01647637171 * the best engagement rate is: 0.03820033956 * guess which tweet it is... the winner is: https://twitter.com/xmpp/status/1169145821704708097
  55. Nÿco 2 retweets, 10 likes, 16 URL clicks
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  58. vanitasvitae Does the xsf already have an official mastodon/activitypub account?
  59. SouL vanitasvitae, no we don't as far as I know. What server to choose and such was one of the 'problems'. But we definitively should have one, we can add that to our todo list, thank you
  60. vanitasvitae If I recall correctly someone "stole" @xmpp@mastodon.social but offered to hand it over.
  61. Nÿco it is possible to have some kind of "xmpp" account on any decentralised (micro)blogging system which one would be more legimitate and identifiable by people as such?
  62. Nÿco aaah the benefits of massive centralisation :-/
  63. Nÿco also, on the Mastodon universe, what kind of population do we touch?
  64. Nÿco how about deploying our own Mastodon, with only one account?
  65. vanitasvitae Matrix did the same
  66. Nÿco and how does it look?
  67. SouL I wanted to explore that way, but that involves iteam...
  68. Nÿco yep
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  70. tom Nÿco, how exactly is the 'engagment rate' calculated?
  71. tom Nÿco, it's the Fediverse (ActivityPub) not mastodon universe
  72. tom Nÿco, what software you use doesn't really matter as long as it's ActivityPub compliant, GNU Social, Plemora, etc
  73. tom MediaGoblin
  74. Nÿco engagement is rt + like + click...
  75. Nÿco rate is impressions / engagement
  76. Nÿco agree about the tool, I'm more concerned of the people we will be able to reach over there who are they? what profile? what's the activity like over there? what can wee gain? what's the effort?
  77. tom the best way to get exposure on the fediverse is to engage in conversations to make sure your peering with other people and then to use hashtags
  78. tom well that's an EXTREMELY diverse set of cultures there
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  80. Nÿco cool
  81. Nÿco yes, engagement is key, today we do none, we just post, spread the news, raise the awareness, a good way to start
  82. tom but you can usually boil it down to a couple of groups. People who don't like twitter so they make the fediverse just like twitter minus the actual company
  83. Nÿco engaging the crowds needs engagement on our side (tautology) not sure anyone has energy and time
  84. tom and then you have people there for the actual freedom
  85. tom if you used to twitter and want to engage on mastodon I'd highly suggest not going about making posts like an organization but an individual. do you know what I mean by that?
  86. tom you know forum culture?
  87. Nÿco nice to know
  88. tom imagine your on an internet forum, and as a individual your telling people about how cool this IM protocol XMPP is for and how to setup various things with it etc
  89. Nÿco so an XSF account wouldn't work, is that what you say?
  90. tom vs using it like an advertising platform
  91. tom there's a level of personalization invloved
  92. tom Nÿco, not saying it wouldn't work, just that it doesn't exactly jive with how the fediverse is
  93. tom ok for example look at Nextcloud's fediverse presence
  94. tom https://mastodon.xyz/@nextcloud
  95. tom almost no engagement.
  96. tom and then look at the individual developers of the project. Not just that project but take various BSD developers for example as well
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  99. tom another thing I'd reccomend is if your going to go with the mastodon activitypub implementation, don't get an account at mastodon.social. It's a hotbed for drama and controversy with questionable mangagement policies
  100. tom also take a look at https://fediverse.party/ . they do a prett good job at documenting it
  101. Nÿco wow, looks like great advice to me
  102. tom I think it's a good idea targeting the fediverse crowd. most of the people on there already understand the who federation/decentralization/standardization type thing so all you have to do is show what XMPP can do rather than go through the whole 'why decentralization is important' speech to somebody who doesn't care
  103. Nÿco I'm ok for that, I won't manage the content publishing or community engagement over there is someone willing to take that task?
  104. SouL I'll take a look at it
  105. Nÿco with Twitter, Mastodon and LinkedIn, it become necessary to sync a little, schedule and speak in one voice
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  111. Nÿco how about we write original content regarding the GSoC we have material, as students have blogged
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  114. Nÿco Next tweet, scheduled for tomorrow afternoon: Ahead of time, here is a draft version of our 2020 compliance suite: https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/cs-2020.html For each feature: * core or advanced, client or server * core, we, IM, mobile
  115. Nÿco please review, and give me the corrections
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  130. Nÿco thinking of writing a small article: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/GSoC_2019
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  164. SouL Nÿco, +1
  165. SouL good!
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