XSF Communications Team - 2019-09-15

  1. pep.


  2. pep.

    Currently at WriteTheDocs in Prague

  3. pep.

    Daniel: ^

  4. Daniel

    should i tweet that?

  5. Daniel

    otherwise i'm missing context

  6. pep.

    Hmm, dunno

  7. pep.

    Mostly wanted to share and have opinions, if there's any :)

  8. Daniel

    it seems very low level. it will certainly be interesting but I can’t help but wonder if some people are not looking into something more high level (using a library)

  9. Daniel

    or i mean you do have that on your list as well. but it might make sense to go backward through that list

  10. Daniel

    just my 2c because you asked for opinions

  11. pep.


  12. pep.

    I think that's the kind of introduction we don't have. It is low-level, and will go into some protocol details indeed. And the work we (you) started at GPN could certainly be plugged in 3.

  13. pep.

    Also, see the "TODO: propose tags for XEPs". Do we have that already somewhere or not?

  14. SouL

    I don't think so, where's that TODO?

  15. pep.

    On my notes :)

  16. pep.

    I was asked if there was anything like this to help search through XEPs

  17. pep.

    The current /extensions/ page only really allows searching through XEP statuses

  18. SouL

    This has been discussed some times, but as far ad I know we don't have it. I would say it really is a popular demand

  19. ralphm

    Whenever I have the urge to search through XEPs I just 'ag' on the repo checkout. But I can see how it might be useful to have it on the website.