XSF Communications Team - 2019-09-18

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  19. Nÿco hi all, if you allow me...
  20. Nÿco Slack has launched a campaign around their paying feature: the Shared Channels
  21. Nÿco https://slackhq.com/slack-shared-channels
  22. Nÿco I have posted this:
  23. Nÿco https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6579978407528980480/
  24. Nÿco https://twitter.com/GetNayego/status/1174210274464845824
  25. Nÿco this is not a call for Likes
  26. Nÿco it is a call for content
  27. Nÿco please post (or not) from your social media accounts:LinkedIn, Twitter, Mastodon, Instagram, whatever
  28. Nÿco mention XMPP or Jabber or not
  29. Nÿco talk about shared groupchats or channels
  30. Nÿco rather not mention Slack, but hey do what you want
  31. Nÿco you can also talk abuot MUC features
  32. pep. Slack attempting federation-ish? I think Mattermost had a similar feature
  33. Nÿco you can also talk about benefits, outcome, how MUCs can change users life
  34. Nÿco yeah, RocketChat as well, and Discord... and maybe MS Teams, I don't know...
  35. Nÿco in any case, it is only pairing of a single channel
  36. Nÿco pairing between two organisations, not three or more
  37. Nÿco so very limited
  38. Nÿco on Slack, only admins can do this
  39. Nÿco so I would avoid the term "federation", even with the "ish" suffix :)
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  52. Nÿco so who wants to join the POSS, Paris Open Source Summit?
  53. pep. I don't have anything planned yet. No idea where I'll be around this date. I guess I can join and help.
  54. Nÿco https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summits_Conferences_And_Meetups_team/POSS
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