XSF Communications Team - 2019-09-20

  1. Nÿco


  2. Nÿco

    we should launch the campaign

  3. Nÿco

    but I have no feedback

  4. SouL

    Thank you Nÿco, I'll review today in the evening after work, is that ok? I'm not sure if jcbrand is on holidays. I'll write my check

  5. Nÿco

    well, better late than never, cool, many thanks to you, but we don't stick to the planning...

  6. SouL

    I may have missed that then! I'll start adding these to my calendar so it does not happen again

  7. Nÿco

    thx a lot

  8. Nÿco

    if no opposition, I'll schedule this today, this afternoon (in Europe): Call for contributions to the XMPP/Jabber community! The newsletter for September is being written: please submit your papers, articles, software updates before the end of the month. #federation #decentralisation

  9. Nÿco

    I'll do an illustration with a megaphone and our logo

  10. Nÿco


  11. SouL

    Maybe add #XMPP as well? Since it is the main topic. Also, I would like to avoid making people going to our wiki to add news, even people in our community. I've been thinking of building a bot that would gather information passed from twitter and XMPP (at least these two). I think it could help quite a lot, even for us in the CommTeam

  12. SouL

    Nÿco, cool illustration! :D

  13. Nÿco

    why not a bot indeed

  14. Nÿco

    some bots exist to monitor keywords on the wild wild internetses, including Google Alerts

  15. Nÿco

    the problem is now "instant messaging" is spammed by an indian company selling a industry analysis report at several thousand dollars (I've been a lead for them)

  16. Nÿco

    "decentralised" is spammed by the blockchain armies

  17. Nÿco


  18. SouL

    Nÿco, super!

  19. Nÿco


  20. Nÿco

    most KPI are green, good

  21. Nÿco


  22. Nÿco

    the post frequency needs to be maintained

  23. Nÿco

    one per week is not enough

  24. Nÿco

    oops, sorry, that's Twitter, of course

  25. arnaudj

    Nÿco: Hi! What tool do you use to schedule tweets ?

  26. Nÿco


  27. Nÿco

    why? you wanna schedule tweets for you? or wanna propose a better tool for @xmpp?

  28. arnaudj


  29. arnaudj

    I do a little bit of communication for local associations

  30. arnaudj

    I didn't know how to schedule tweets

  31. Nÿco

    I personally use Buffer

  32. Nÿco

    there is also HootSuite

  33. Nÿco

    all proprietary, but hey social networks are mostly proprietary

  34. arnaudj

    Are they free (as in free beer) ?

  35. Nÿco

    there is a free plan for each

  36. Nÿco

    I don't even know if you can pay for Tweedeck

  37. Nÿco

    I only know on Twitter you can advertise

  38. arnaudj

    Nÿco: thank you very much! I will study these tools!

  39. Nÿco

    so far, we have:

  40. Nÿco


  41. Nÿco


  42. pep.

    les liens à ralonge

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  44. pep.

    Les liens http uoload