XSF Communications Team - 2019-09-23

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  5. Nÿco what you wan
  6. Nÿco t
  7. Nÿco to be scheduled tomorrow morning:
  8. Nÿco Get the monthly news from the XMPP/Jabber communities! Articles, videos, tutorials, events, software releases (servers, clients/apps, libraries), even updates on XMPP/Jabber specifications! Subscribe! https://xmpp.org/newsletter.html #social #instantmessaging #chat #openstandards #compatibility #interoperability
  9. SouL Sorry if I'm wrong (that is probably the case? :D) but I understood from you to check that page and review the content to be published. But last time I checked, I was not sure if the content was there already
  10. Nÿco it's not only about the content, which is not written yet, I assume this is what you want to point out it is about the plan
  11. SouL No no, I'm just asking to make sure
  12. SouL Ok
  13. Nÿco the goal is to co-construct
  14. Nÿco I don't want to do things, and receive that wave of hate from last time
  15. Nÿco again, done is better than perfect I can't do team playing if the team does not play
  16. Nÿco even a semi-focussed review can help in some way
  17. Nÿco I'm scheduling the above-mentionned tweet
  18. Nÿco oops, too long
  19. SouL Does #XMPP fit? I knwo I always mention that, but I would like people looking for #XMPP to also find this
  20. SouL know*
  21. Nÿco Get the monthly news from the XMPP/Jabber communities! Articles, videos, tutorials, events, software releases (servers, clients/apps, libraries), even specifications! Subscribe! https://xmpp.org/newsletter.html #instantmessaging #chat #openstandards #compatibility #interoperability
  22. Nÿco the XMPP keyword is here anyway, AND the handle is "xmpp" so what does it change to add the hashtag? (real question)
  23. Nÿco changed:
  24. Nÿco Get the monthly news from the XMPP/Jabber communities! Articles, videos, tutorials, events, software (servers, clients/apps, libraries), even specifications! Subscribe! https://xmpp.org/newsletter.html #XMPP #instantmessaging #chat #openstandards #compatibility #interoperability
  25. Nÿco https://movim.eu:5280/upload/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/MyIMPuVypqCvh1puo3DCpb0Nm8XagYcIYjiLNtGS/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-09-23_a__09.13.41.png
  26. SouL I really need to create a Twitter account then, back in time I remember the hashtag was a pretty important thing to make tweets indexed, it does not work that way anymore?
  27. Nÿco it does, but we have a heavy use of that word
  28. Nÿco on Instagram, the hashtag is the heart of the war
  29. Nÿco (I gotta go, I'l continue this interesting discussion later)
  30. SouL ok! see you
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  33. Nÿco back
  34. Nÿco anyway, let's try the hashtag #XMPP
  35. Nÿco but again, it's not about XMPP, it is about the problems it solves, the solutions it brings, the benefits for its "users"
  36. SouL yea sure, but coca-cola does not promote itself saying "Drinking this unknown drink brand is the best thing in life" :) You have to make it stick in people's heads
  37. pep. Of course Coca-Cola is very modest, what are you implying
  38. SouL (Just saying why I feel we should always add #XMPP)
  39. Nÿco Coca-Cola started that way, now they just maintain market pressure by pure branding
  40. Nÿco that's not a good example, neither is Apple
  41. Nÿco XMPP or Jabber used to be a bit visible, by both techies and users, that was 15 years ago roughly
  42. Nÿco now XMPP is only known by techies for its obsolesence
  43. Nÿco so, really, let's focus on the good promises we deliver
  44. SouL I'm not saying we have to focus on the brand. But we definitively need to tie the good promises with the brand, or the brand will always look obsolete
  45. Nÿco the brand can be improved, but we don't have the skills in the community
  46. Nÿco writing a few articles and tweeting them... that's achievable
  47. pep. The brand my look obsolete, the technology very much not :x
  48. Nÿco well MUC is
  49. pep. I heard that again yesterday tbh.. "Isn't XMPP in decline? That's what I heard and why I use Matrix"
  50. Nÿco which is the most important to the current generation of TEAM CHAT
  51. Nÿco if the market continuously complains XMPP is declining, then it may declining, indeed
  52. Nÿco the numbers and figures show
  53. Nÿco no need to deny it
  54. Nÿco that's a community resistance we have to fight
  55. pep. And is there anybody using Matrix as a base? Whereas we know for sure there is for XMPP
  56. Nÿco it has started with the newsletter and Twitter
  57. Nÿco it will continue with LinkedIn and Mastodon
  58. Nÿco if we put a continuous, sustainable effort
  59. Nÿco well, these numbers are quite difficult to estimate
  60. Nÿco Matrix is growing for sure, and they have good press XMPP does not seem to grow, the market tells us it's shrinking, and we don't have the good press
  61. Nÿco but again, looking sideways does not help us, nor does it help who we want to help
  62. Nÿco we must look further
  63. Nÿco and deliver, step by step
  64. Nÿco https://movim.eu:5280/upload/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/FK6239qMfwNu71VT5ZznzwF4BJ6Ajbhtg43BWzJN/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-09-23_a__11.54.02.png
  65. pep. "the market"?
  66. Nÿco whatever you wanna call this: users, devs, admins, bosses
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  68. pep. Nintendo must have had reasons for choosing ejabberd and not something else, for example. I'd be interested to know why
  69. Nÿco good
  70. pep. (They possibly just choose the implementation over the protocol, but that's fine by me)
  71. Nÿco go for it
  72. pep. hmm?
  73. Nÿco ready to write an article about that?
  74. pep. About what? Asking Nintendo?
  75. Nÿco https://movim.eu:5280/upload/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/0Zo34bfxruvzMOPchh8nCrq4MSm0Wu4OAWn8aE8G/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-09-23_a__11.54.02.png
  76. Nÿco see? when we tweet, we gain "impressions", which quite synonymous of "attention"
  77. Nÿco then we can raise a little the feeling that XMPP is declining
  78. Nÿco content is key
  79. pep. I'd be curious to know how they calculate "impressions"
  80. Nÿco it's documented
  81. Nÿco that's only ONE metric in the funnel
  82. pep. if it's just somebody scrolling through, or actually clicking on it and reading (spending some time on the page)
  83. Nÿco so read
  84. Nÿco clicking is clicking, counted as an engagement, further down the funnel
  85. Nÿco spending time on page is not scored by Twitter (good thing!), that's in your analytics
  86. Nÿco that's why the XSF would need a Matomo instance on our website
  87. Nÿco 273 subscribers to our newsletter
  88. Nÿco probability is non-zero to have more subscribers after the tweet scheduled tomorrow is retweeted
  89. Nÿco our latest newsletter has the lowest clickrate, most probably due to the new part on specs
  90. Nÿco still in experimentation, if no showstopper
  91. SouL It could be related to other things, in the end until you don't open it you don't know what is inside. Maybe holidays, children starting school, etc
  92. Nÿco to increase open rate, we must use better titles/subjects
  93. Nÿco yes, to me, that is the secundary explanation
  94. Nÿco proposed plan: I'd like to publish the next newsletter on Tue 1st Oct that means we issue a last call on Thu 26th in three days
  95. Nÿco that would be another tweet, after the tweet tomorrow to promote newsletter subscription
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  110. arnaudj Nÿco: “10 reasons why XMPP is better than Matrix. The fourth will surprise you!”
  111. arnaudj Would that be a good title? 😃
  112. SouL Ehh, I guess you are joking :D
  113. SouL >I'd like to publish the next newsletter on Tue 1st Oct good!
  114. arnaudj Yes, just a stupid joke, sorry!
  115. arnaudj By the way, I know nothing about marketing, but it looks like Nÿco has good ideas to spread the word
  116. arnaudj So, thumbs up!
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