XSF Communications Team - 2019-10-01

  1. nyco

    the dead line is... before the next newsletter? :)

  2. nyco

    so I'll work on the newsletter, the real one, the one we send by email, that lands in your inbox

  3. nyco

    meanwhile, how do we want to promote this issue on Twitter?

  4. nyco


  5. nyco

    my draft/proposition to you for today, like this afternoon: " The XMPP Newsletter is out! Read the latest news from the XMPP/Jabber communities: articles, events, software releases (servers, clients/apps, libraries)... [link] #social #instantmessaging #chat " what illustration?

  6. nyco

    maybe add a "Please share" or "Please Retweet"?

  7. nyco

    I've just pushed "the button" on the newsletter... it is sending now to our 279 subscribers

  8. nyco

    as a subscriber, I have received it

  9. nyco

    please merge PR https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/614 and deploy on our blog thanks all! it has been a real team effort, I am glad, it's hard but it works

  10. emus

    nyco: how do you want me to provide the translations?

  11. pep.

    emus, are you affiliated with jabber.de or sth btw?

  12. ralphm

    I have received it.

  13. emus

    pep.: no, why?

  14. pep.

    Just curious

  15. pep.

    Do you have a venue to expose the translation like we do with jabberfr maybe? I don't know if xmpp.org has multi-lang support(?)

  16. emus

    pep.: I dont know what you mean exactly. I have a github account if that help xD

  17. emus

    But I can also provide it as plain text in german and maybe spanish

  18. pep.

    emus: I don't know if xmpp.org can expose one article in multiple languages is what I'm saying

  19. pep.

    For the French translations we publish it on jabberfr.org

  20. emus

    Ahh, okay. now I understand

  21. emus

    I can ask the jabber.de guys if they are interested

  22. nyco

    that would be great

  23. nyco

    do they have a wiki or some tool to host the translation process?

  24. nyco


  25. emus

    no clue, I guess not. tell me what would be ideal for you

  26. emus

    I might can arrange

  27. nyco

    " The XMPP Newsletter is out! Read the latest news from the XMPP/Jabber communities: articles, events, software releases with servers, clients/apps, and services... [link] #social #instantmessaging #chat "

  28. emus

    nyco: Jabber.de said they re in 😃

  29. nyco

    es ist gut!

  30. nyco

    (that's all my German, sorry...)

  31. nyco

    so feel free, it's CC by-sa

  32. nyco

    please tell us when it's published so we can cover it on the next issue :)

  33. emus

    Sure, will check out! try to look if I can do it for spanish aswell

  34. nyco

    that would be awesome

  35. emus

    Läuft! 😉

  36. nyco

    danke schön!

  37. Martin

    Speaking of the wiki: Would you be open to use an etherpad or something else supporting markdown for collecting the newsletter topics? That would make it a lot easier to transfer it to pelican.

  38. SouL

    Yeah, I already raised that matter, we need something with history as well, maybe not to collect the topics but at least to write the newsletter

  39. SouL

    to allow easier collaboration

  40. nyco

    etherpad is cool, but text not markdown, and does not scale

  41. nyco

    probably link collection on the wiki, then copywriting on a markdown-friendly collab editor

  42. nyco

    but I'd rather have contributions, and then move to a new tool rather than people asking for a new tool and we migrate without contributions

  43. pep.

    nyco: "does not scale"?

  44. nyco


  45. pep.

    I've had etherpads pads with tens of users without any issues

  46. pep.

    For collecting links I'm sure it's good enough

  47. pep.

    And writing the newsletter

  48. nyco

    in terms of community management, you don't create an empty space, hoping for spontaneous generation of contributors you start with something that is not optimised, then contributors do their thing, then you optimise the processes and tools

  49. nyco

    I've had the opposite experience

  50. nyco

    for now, the newsletter is only a link collection... that's not what a newsletter is supposed to be last month we introduced the specs this month we introduced the license and credits what improvements do you want to bring next month?

  51. nyco

    btw, if the tools we choose are good, we may host the translations efforts as well

  52. nyco

    what other local Jabber communities can we ask for translations? jabber.pl (dead)? jabber.ru? jabber.at?

  53. nyco

    btw, for a collab text editor, it should not only support real markdown, but also inline images

  54. nyco

    === Planning === November * 2019-10-28 Mon: copywriting starts * 2019-11-01 Fri: end of submission, PR on GitHub * 2019-11-05 Tue: newsletter publication, blog post, promotion tweets

  55. nyco is completing the task list

  56. nyco

    https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/News_and_Articles_for_the_next_XMPP_Newsletter is ready for November

  57. nyco

    link collection still done in this wiki page for this month

  58. nyco

    tool for copywriting in discussion

  59. nyco


  60. nyco

    Twitter this month

  61. emus

    nyco: would put a sum to the top aswell

  62. nyco

    sum of what? on top of what?

  63. nyco

    > this month we introduced the license and credits oops, and images

  64. emus

    nyco: the absolute numbers

  65. emus

    total subscribers

  66. nyco

    of what?

  67. emus

    for example

  68. nyco

    what are you talking about?

  69. nyco

    newsletter or Twitter?

  70. nyco


  71. nyco

    that's the newsletter

  72. nyco

    and Twitter:

  73. nyco


  74. nyco

    " The XMPP Newsletter is out! Read the latest news from the XMPP/Jabber communities: articles, events, software releases with servers, clients/apps, and services... https://xmpp.org/2019/10/newsletter-01-october/ #social #instantmessaging #chat "

  75. nyco


  76. nyco

    tell me if not cool

  77. emus

    nyco: your smtwitter stats you summed up in that spreadsheet. but is fine. is only for you

  78. nyco

    smtwitter what?

  79. nyco

    sorry, I don't get it

  80. nyco

    I summed nothing, I reported from https://analytics.twitter.com

  81. nyco

    the current number of followers are in realtime on:https://twitter.com/xmpp

  82. nyco


  83. emus

    Doesnt matter, forget it. I was referencing to the picture from 2:14pm

  84. nyco

    ok, but why do you want to report it on the metrics?

  85. emus

    No, I just thought could improve the overview. but its your thing, no need

  86. nyco

    it's not only for me, for usall

  87. emus


  88. nyco

    so I don't know he exact number of followers at any given time

  89. nyco

    it's not available

  90. nyco

    only the realtime, and it's on https://twitter.com/xmpp

  91. nyco

    so what would you want to copy-paste and why?

  92. emus

    😄 nyco, is fine. I just had a thought. Doesnt matter

  93. nyco


  94. Daniel

    Apparently my Dino security analysis ( https://gultsch.de/dino_multiple.html ) didn't fall under this definition of relevancy :-/ > The submission must ideally be a blog or article about XMPP/Jabber and/or XMPP-based software (clients, servers, libs)

  95. nyco


  96. nyco

    are you complaining the harsh way, again?

  97. nyco

    what is wrong with this? > Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in Dino, please update as soon as possible if you are a Dino user.

  98. nyco

    pointing to... oh wait! https://gultsch.de/dino_multiple.html

  99. emus

    As the newsletter is about communication, I think we might can create a "Call" section. something like: Developer XY from App XY is calling for voluntary Chinese translators... or on specific problems. What do you think about it? It might help to exchange knowledge through the network

  100. nyco

    I like it

  101. SouL

    Sounds good!

  102. nyco

    how would we select the calls?

  103. SouL

    It is a bit complicated I think

  104. SouL

    If we had previous examples it would be easier.

  105. emus

    I rather think, we look what people send. if there are like > 5 Calls, we need a process

  106. emus

    if there are only barely people useing it, thats it

  107. emus

    I would go first for an announcement that we plan this opportunity