XSF Communications Team - 2019-10-05

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  46. emus

    For everyone to review, in case you speak at least some German 🙂

  47. emus


  48. emus

    Thanks to martin, he already reviewd

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  52. vanitasvitae

    emus, changed some small wordings 🙂

  53. emus

    yes, go for it

  54. emus

    Where exactly

  55. emus

    Are there changes reviewable?

  56. emus

    ah histroy

  57. emus

    I disagree about "menschgemacht"

  58. emus

    igniterealtime Community --> this is from the orginial post

  59. emus

    we were discussing also for the spanish version yesterday, and crosschecked

  60. emus

    so what do you want? @all 🙂

  61. emus

    Same for Converse, it NOT Converse.js in the main article

  62. Martin

    > I disagree about "menschgemacht" Can you link to the diff?

  63. emus


  64. emus

    Ich schlage vor wir sagen einfach "durch Absicht"

  65. emus

    Martin, vanitasvitae:

  66. emus

    Alled andere stimme ich soweit zu

  67. Martin

    > Ich schlage vor wir sagen einfach "durch Absicht" > Martin, vanitasvitae: I like this more than 'menschgemacht'

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  69. emus

    menschgemacht klingt aber auch irgendwie sehr komisch finde ich. beabsichtigt ist auch noch eine option

  70. emus

    oder provoziert

  71. vanitasvitae

    Stimme da zu

  72. emus


  73. emus


  74. vanitasvitae

    I aggree that provoziert is a better choice

  75. emus

    Martin: kannst dich damit anfreunden?

  76. vanitasvitae

    Sorry, I forgot that this is an english speaking channel :D

  77. emus

    vanitasvitae: it doesnt make sense to discuss in any other language^^

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  82. Martin

    > Martin: kannst dich damit anfreunden? I'm good with that.

  83. emus

    ok, im gonna go for the publish then. the spanish review still needs a bit

  84. Martin


  85. emus

    I think I will push a bit in the Spanish community, too many people for not being more present 🙂

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