XSF Communications Team - 2019-10-14

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  27. debacle

    Is there already a link for the newsletter in fr? If so, I can use it in the Debian XMPP blog. Publishing problably in ~8 hours from now.

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  29. pep.

    debacle: it's not done yet :(

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  31. debacle

    Oh, I didn't want to push.

  32. debacle

    Not at all.

  33. debacle

    I mean, we are all lazy bastards.

  34. debacle

    It's just, that I will kill my cats in a live video session, if it's not done by tonight.

  35. debacle

    It's not your fault, than.

  36. Martin


  37. debacle

    It's not your fault, but they can live happily another month til the next newsletter, if translation were be ready by tonight.

  38. pep.

    debacle, ok, message received

  39. pep.

    (fwiw I'm a dog person)

  40. debacle

    my cats didn't notice!

  41. pep.

    (but I've met your cats so I will try my best)

  42. debacle

    No problem in fact. I don't think that so many people care about that blog post anyway. Just trying to look important for one second :-)

  43. Martin

    It'll be in planet.debian.org which will reach quite some readers I guess.

  44. debacle

    Martin, but you know how it is: people just skim through such pages

  45. Martin

    Yeah, but some might get catched. At least seeing some xmpp news might change the 'xmpp is dead' impression some people have.

  46. MattJ


  47. debacle

    Martin MattJ We can rename XMPP to zomppie. Because it is undead!

  48. MattJ


  49. Martin

    At least there is no peepee when you say zomppie 😃

  50. debacle

    But I fear, that people pronunce -pie like pie, but it should pee like in zombie.

  51. pep.

    zomppee then

  52. debacle

    pep. :-(

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