XSF Communications Team - 2019-11-08

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  11. Nÿco the newsletter is sent, check your inbox! yoohoooo :)
  12. Nÿco for the blog post, the GitHub PR is waiting for a merge and deploy meanwhile we can copywrite the tweet
  13. Nÿco How about this? " The XMPP Newsletter is out! This Friday 08 Nov 2019 Sprints, IoT, and early Twitter Articles, tutorials, events, plus all the software and specifications updates! #IETF #XMPP #Jabber #OpenStandards #OpenSource "
  14. Nÿco link collection open for December: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XMPP_Newsletter_December_2019
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  22. Martin > This Friday 08 Nov 2019 I would remove this and just add a 'now' to the prior sentence. The date is in your tweets timestamp anyway.
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  25. emus > I would remove this and just add a 'now' to the prior sentence. The date is in your tweets timestamp anyway. Point
  26. emus Nÿco: Have you created a new sheet for the translations
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  37. Nÿco >> This Friday 08 Nov 2019 > I would remove this and just add a 'now' to the prior sentence. The date is in your tweets timestamp anyway. no, on social media posts live several days (a few like 3 ot 5 on Twitter, more on LinkedIn like 7 to 10) so relative dates just don't work, we have to deal with absolutes (not only Siths)
  38. Nÿco > Nÿco: Have you created a new sheet for the translations nope, not yet I understand you are suggesting I do it, correct? well, I hesitate: * on one hand that may encourage people to translate as the working document is then already created * on the other hand, leaving some space for own tools gives more freedom and flexibility so I created those pages for German and Spanish? the French translations usually are worked on an Etherpad
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  40. pep. https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/632/files#diff-614cbf5566dea54475d4909816a7c7e2R54 Nÿco, probably not significant if it doesn't appear in the rendered version, but there's an extra space after the "*"
  41. pep. For next newsletters, I think we should avoid Last Calls, maybe. They're time-sensitive and it's always a mismatch
  42. Nÿco wow, good catch! thx :)
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  44. Nÿco yeah, Last Calls, still good to mention I mean the Last Calls have been receive by the involved people in the Standards ML but here, we inform the outside of that circle, so why remove the Last Calls? this is a Must-Have information that a spec has passed that milestone
  45. Nÿco so indeed that needs some sort of different presentation, I still don't know how
  46. emus nyco, okay, then I translate and drop it once ready
  47. Nÿco what's best
  48. Nÿco I am working on... https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/xmpp-newsletter-francais-2019-10-01-hpuzcnu7mq?lang=fr
  49. pep. ok I have 20mn
  50. pep. Let's do this
  51. pep. where's the first link? for october
  52. Nÿco hehehe
  53. Nÿco the what?
  54. pep. Is it only this month?
  55. pep. We missed the previous one right?
  56. Nÿco what month?
  57. Nÿco I am working on: https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/xmpp-newsletter-francais-2019-10-01-hpuzcnu7mq?lang=fr
  58. Nÿco please check and read the header
  59. pep. last newsletter on jabberfr is september 3rd
  60. Nÿco latest
  61. Nÿco https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/xmpp-newsletter-francais-2019-10-01-hpuzcnu7mq?lang=fr October still in progress here
  62. pep. ok ok
  63. Nÿco argh, sorry, I gotta now, I'll be back
  64. pep. > Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in Dino, please update as soon as possible if you are a Dino user.
  65. pep. Can we add a date here. I think I've seen this last month already
  66. pep. People are gonna think dino is full of security vulns
  67. pep. Ah wait, that's october..
  68. Nÿco Covering September, yes we are late, we missed one
  69. pep. > Converse users may find useful the new plugin to verify HTTP Requests via XMPP from Agayon This is badly said
  70. pep. I have a hard time translating
  71. Nÿco But it is published
  72. Nÿco I'll do it
  73. pep. Sure
  74. Nÿco This has been reviewed by real native English speaker
  75. Nÿco s
  76. pep. Yeah maybe the sentence is correct english
  77. pep. But it doesn't reflect what 0070 does
  78. Martin Take bullet points about the information and build the french sentence from scratch. This is how I translate stuff as trying to transform a sentence to another language often leads to awkward grammar.
  79. pep. Martin, yeah. I don't have much time right now though
  80. emus But I can start translating from the mainversion?
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  82. Nÿco > But I can start translating from the mainversion? sure you can, why not? it's just that the French translations are late
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  84. Nÿco resuming the French translation, sorry
  85. pep. I'll be available with a laptop again tonight
  86. emus Nÿco: I think I can make a draft aswell by tonight
  87. Nÿco don't worry pep. I'll publish it on LinuxFr.org
  88. pep. K
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  94. Nÿco I've done the copy-paste here: I hope there will be some reviews
  95. Nÿco https://linuxfr.org/redaction/news/lettre-d-information-xmpp-01-octobre-2019-fosdem-2020-modernisation-de-xmpp-reseaux-de-pairs
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  98. Nÿco images added
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  102. Nÿco boom: https://xmpp.org/2019/11/newsletter-08-november/
  103. Nÿco and boom: https://twitter.com/xmpp/status/1192836120725409794 please retweet
  104. Nÿco https://upload.movim.eu/files/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/toDryBysxbDSAl1XqDdaB9ThLvrOkeOOEZ0DReJe/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-11-08_a__17.12.05.png
  105. Nÿco we'll check again on Monday
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  117. emus guys, is that intended?
  118. emus https://xmpp-share.mailbox.org/upload/mailbox.org/cf9b0bfb1642efa7ddd6e519af9dbaa1ccd6e42c/enbePSI6SwViBpu3Cjh7cdOiNAfYC7TAavkqoLxI/IMG_20191108_184121.jpg
  119. emus Nÿco, pep.:
  120. pep. Probably not?
  121. pep. Dunno
  122. pep. Still not in front of a computer
  123. ldkjgoiwe That's the alt description of the picture that should be there. The image displays fine for me, though.
  124. emus Do we have a holistic tracking about User app whose got updated? Guess there is likely more 🤔
  125. emus hnm weird. my uMatrix seem to block obly this
  126. emus hmm, no still only text. do you have a screenshot for me?
  127. emus ldkjgoiwe:
  128. ldkjgoiwe uhm, yeah https://imgur.com/a/Mtv7lEn
  129. Nÿco Where is that image not displaying?
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  132. emus Nÿco: on my firefox
  133. emus Nÿco: what do you guys mean by: early Twitter
  134. emus ldkjgoiwe: is the picture clickable?
  135. ldkjgoiwe read the page source 😛 no it's not
  136. ldkjgoiwe I took some time writing down remarks and suggestions regarding the newsletter tweet. There are many opinions in there, so I didn't write "IMHO" every time: 1. The picture. I am aware of the statistics saying that you get more engagement if you have an image compared to if you don't. However, I also strongly feel that an image, if used, should have some "quality". And the images used for the newsletter tweets don't fullfill that property. Please don't take that critique too negatively: We are mostly software engineers and computer-people, not designers. However, IMHO not posting an image is better than posting a bad one. Especially since twitter displays a box with info about the link below the tweet if no image was supplied - and the link is the most important thing about the tweet, so having that box would be fine. 2. As was already pointed out in #xsf, the link to the article is missing. I assume this is because the newsletter was sent before the blog post was merged? Again, the link is the most important thing about that tweet because that's where we want the people to click and read. The twitter followers have no use in knowing that other people got an email - they want to get the content. I understand that you want people to subscribe, but it should also be fine for people to follow @xmpp on twitter and get their news from there, if they wish so. 3. Full sentences would be more appealing than lists without context. 4. Perhaps write something in front of the link like "Read more here:", "Read the newsletter here:", to highlight the link and make the action item clear. 5. There is no need for two newlines between every sentence In total, my suggestion would be something like: "The November Newsletter is out with news from the XMPP ecosystem! This time it contains info about a recent sprint, early Twitter days and as always recent articles, software releases and much more! Read it here: https://example.com" [no image]
  137. ldkjgoiwe @ Nÿco SouL jcbrand
  138. Nÿco emus Firefox, but blog post or inbox email newsletter ?
  139. Nÿco 1. I know, the symbolic is not the best, and quality (resolution) is not high I'd be happy to change it, what would you suggest?
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  141. Nÿco 2. Oh sh*t, I forgot the link... :( Shame...
  142. Nÿco 3. Not always, depends what you want to convey, here it is al list of things inbthe content Again, happy to change for better, if suggestions are made
  143. Nÿco 4. No need for a "read" on Twitter, it's short and you save characters Plus people know how to click a link if they want (and if there is one... :'( )
  144. Nÿco 5. It is a question of taste
  145. Nÿco Oh and 1. Qualities of displays vary a lot
  146. emus I agree with most arguments, but I think there should be some pictures. And it should be readble in a quick manner I think
  147. Nÿco The final suggestion is awesome, I'll post it next week, but with an image
  148. emus Nÿco: what do you guys exactly mean by: early Twitter
  149. Nÿco I apologise for my lack of presence in the past weeks, health issues, usually I propose the tweets for review or co-construction earlier...
  150. emus Further more: there is a 404 from Part 2 Nÿco: on my firefox https://www.erlang-solutions.com/blog/xmpp-protocol-build-an-ios-instant-messaging-app-part-2.html
  151. Nÿco I'll improve that for the next issue
  152. ldkjgoiwe > 1. I know, the symbolic is not the best, and quality (resolution) is not high I'd be happy to change it, what would you suggest? > The final suggestion is awesome, I'll post it next week, but with an image Well my suggestion would be: Either put together an image that is actually visually appealing, or leave it out completely.
  153. Nÿco No, an image is better than nothing, unless it is aweful, and in our case it is not
  154. ldkjgoiwe > The final suggestion is awesome, I'll post it next week, but with an image Generally I'm not a fan of posting the same thing multiple times. This has unfortunately been done with "Newsletter Subscription Reminders" in the past. I guess in this specific case one could argue that reposting is ok, but only because the original post did not contain the link.
  155. ldkjgoiwe > unless it is aweful, and in our case it is not I respectfully disagree 😀
  156. Nÿco Remember: Done is better than perfect Too late is better than nothing
  157. Nÿco Fan or not, it is a good practice
  158. Nÿco And doing is better than arguing, qnd facts better than opinions, and experience better than guessing, respectfully
  159. ldkjgoiwe You seem to view my statement as an attack on you. This was not my intention. As I already said: Please do not take critique of the picture negatively: We are software developers, not designers.
  160. emus ldkjgoiwe: I mean, are the pictures really awful?
  161. emus Nÿco: In ready to put it to the wiki
  162. emus Im
  163. Nÿco I said I will improve next issue, than means I habe heard you, and your comments make sense Thank you very much for this, I truly appreciate
  164. Nÿco Each time I have such feedback, it helps me a lot, so again thanks my dear friends
  165. ldkjgoiwe My sarcasm radar is confused. So I'll just assume your statements to be sarcasm-free 🙂
  166. Nÿco I don't master the Great Art of sarcasm It is too risky
  167. Nÿco It's true, I thank you for your very structured feedback
  168. emus Happy editing: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/German_Newsletter_translation_of_November_2019 Martin, vanitasvitae debacle and everyone else speaks neu-deutsch
  169. emus whi*
  170. emus who
  171. emus > My sarcasm radar is confused. So I'll just assume your statements to be sarcasm-free 🙂 I think he will consider your suggestions fron the next version
  172. emus Ob sunday I will forward this to Jabber.de though
  173. emus On*
  174. Nÿco What is neu-deutsch? :)
  175. Nÿco New German?
  176. Martin Will try to find time to have a look later or tomorrow.
  177. emus > What is neu-deutsch? :) > New German? direct translation - yes.... but with sarcasm no^^ means something like the "new German" has some degration involved and lots of anglizims (?) make the people creative nowadays^^
  178. DebXWoody 😁
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  186. ldkjgoiwe Nÿco, I put some alternative images together. You can use them if you want. https://imgur.com/a/MwQ77Wd
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  189. emus ldkjgoiwe: Please upload them to the wiki
  190. pep. Yep that looks cool
  191. Nÿco > Nÿco, I put some alternative images together. You can use them if you want. https://imgur.com/a/MwQ77Wd wow, great! thanks a lot! :)
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