XSF Communications Team - 2019-11-15

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  22. Nÿco I made 'dis: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XSF_content
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  46. SouL we could consider if it is worth it that we get into public discussions like this one https://chaos.social/@2342/103132655762382439 (it is just an example)
  47. SouL Mainly to clear doubts and provide help
  48. pep. I think that's delicate to participate as @xmpp in there
  49. pep. There's gonna be opinions flying around and it'll probably be difficult to stay "neutral"
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  59. DebXWoody Yes, it's not easy. I recommend to just post news. There are people which are able to support and help.
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  61. Nÿco yeah, with @xmpp official accounts, we must not engage in fights and opinions battles
  62. Nÿco but at some point, with social media, one should "engage" and "manage" the community
  63. SouL my point was not to fight, was just an example. More towards what yo usay about engaging with the community
  64. Nÿco yes, I know
  65. Nÿco but I agree with pep. you might end up being interpreted badly
  66. Nÿco as an official account, I'd rather go for a different type of engagement: likes, retweets, answers to polls... and all the stuff stays in "control" (well, as much as possible)
  67. SouL So our social media must stay as a feed for the newsletter :D
  68. Nÿco so, to me, no, we should post more often, and differently the newsletter is one thing, we move on, we keep on improving
  69. Nÿco we have not reached consensus on targetting and channels, so far I hope we do that someday
  70. Nÿco but given our targets and channels, we should deliver our message on these places, and engage
  71. SouL super
  72. Nÿco I understand Twitter is meant for devs I underline you can reach a large crowd of decision makers that's why I would open our Twitter account also to this sort of content
  73. Nÿco LinkedIn is mainly decision makers Mastodon is mainly devs
  74. Nÿco I more or less see our Twitter account as being the mix of our Mastodon account and on LinkedIn "page", in term of content and tone
  75. SouL in Twitter you will find left-ish people that would be more open to XMPP, not only devs (that's my experience)
  76. Nÿco btw we can discuss Instagram at one point
  77. Nÿco you find everything in Twitter, that's a large enough platform
  78. Nÿco https://upload.movim.eu/files/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/jabID7PuJCSxsi8IeZjTxxFEQbkotsjygcwtBvDJ/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-11-15_a__14.46.33.png
  79. Nÿco https://upload.movim.eu/files/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/IP2n8IJZXwX6vnAPzXMKEDdRJuPCsPUsIO5PnTl2/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-11-15_a__14.46.23.png
  80. Nÿco https://upload.movim.eu/files/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/7yitVMwJSuquImPd04Ae2KEBxOFZYHrtilMY6DaX/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-11-15_a__14.46.44.png
  81. Nÿco regarding our Twitter followers:
  82. Nÿco https://upload.movim.eu/files/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/XhdZn059b0U53ly7B2MUL4m1svLWLOuTsH6282ss/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-11-15_a__14.47.38.png
  83. Nÿco https://upload.movim.eu/files/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/QEEwXO22JA5rM9RU3N5kyTmKZ2ZKvTUy0kAyr4ul/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-11-15_a__14.47.42.png
  84. SouL Dogs 😹
  85. Nÿco maybe we need a dog petting XEP?
  86. SouL haha
  87. Nÿco so, yeah, for your initial question: from official accounts, don't enter risky conversations (potential trolls) from your personal accounts, well do what you want :)
  88. emus Nÿco: messages which included features like polls, appointments etc would be so good
  89. pep. Maybe we can announce LCs and stuff there as well? Maybe even twitter. Potentially with different hashtags
  90. Nÿco wat
  91. Nÿco LCs?
  92. Nÿco stuff?
  93. Nÿco "event Twitter"?
  94. Nÿco so, on the second day of Mastodon, we have 65 followers, thanks to a few shares by influent users: https://fosstodon.org/@xmpp
  95. DebXWoody Nÿco, yes, looks good :-)
  96. Nÿco still discovering how it works, the few famous accounts I have searched so far have several thousands of followers
  97. DebXWoody "how it works"? Get more Follower?
  98. Nÿco not only that, how people use it, what crowd we have here, what are the specifics, etc.
  99. Nÿco I confess I have not great hopes with Mastodon, but I think we have to consistently experiment
  100. pep. Nÿco: Last Calls. We could use this channel to call for feedback
  101. pep. Mastodon
  102. Nÿco ok, clear
  103. Nÿco yes, of course
  104. Nÿco that needs synchronisation between teams
  105. Nÿco tbh, I only follow standards@ at the end of the months, to collect content for the newsletter
  106. Nÿco every new "event" in the XEP universe can potentially be announced on social media not sure everything is worth
  107. pep. Is there a way to share credentials easily mastodon? Not all commteam has access yet right?
  108. pep. Also is scam going to have access to that as well?
  109. Nÿco oh good question, I did not explore that yet, I just saw some second factor auth
  110. pep. I follow standard everyday, and I'm also an editor, I push the last call changes myself :p
  111. pep. in *mastodon
  112. Nÿco right
  113. pep. Maybe there's a point to be made that editors should push that to other channels as well. I'm entirely sure I want to defend it though
  114. pep. Maybe there's a point to be made that editors should push LC announces to other channels as well. I'm entirely sure I want to defend it though
  115. DebXWoody It is important to be there and share information about xmpp and to show there is sill a team working on it. For example: https://gi.de/themen/beitrag/vertrauenswuerdige-dezentralisierte-technologien/
  116. pep. What is this article about?
  117. DebXWoody It is from "Society for computer science" about "Trusted decentralized technologies"
  118. DebXWoody friendi, diaspora, Mastodon, Matrix, Jami,.... but no XMPP. This we should change.
  119. DebXWoody This is the reason why I created the xmpp-messanger to show that XMPP is still there (I think the best option for IM).
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  124. emus > It is important to be there and share information about xmpp and to show there is sill a team working on it. For example: https://gi.de/themen/beitrag/vertrauenswuerdige-dezentralisierte-technologien/ I agree with you!
  125. emus you never know who is readding there
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  128. Neustradamus https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/638
  129. vanitasvitae Hehe soon 100 Followers on @xmpp
  130. vanitasvitae My little introduction toot was boosted 20 times. That makes it one of my most boosted ones so far :P
  131. Nÿco well done, thx a lot
  132. Nÿco that kind of proofs we are still relevant and we still have a cool factor at least, that's how I want to hear it, and yes I'm biaised :)
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  140. DebXWoody 16:17 - 65 Followers ; 19:37 - 113 Followers.
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  160. emus redpekt
  161. emus respect
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  171. Nÿco it would be nice to post a thank you message for the warm welcome...
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  173. Martin Thank you for being my friend</Lenny>
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