XSF Communications Team - 2019-11-21

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  27. Nÿco https://upload.movim.eu/files/1ab8cd5d50a081e2fdf8ce43dca3047f8bd49889/O9ebNLAyvYzI8xmk5UfEWdrodB54nfGkPZ0bn4Va/Capture_d_e_cran_2019-11-21_a__10.09.59.png
  28. Nÿco and boom, all green (if that means anything)
  29. emus Good work everyone
  30. emus I processed the German translation already. Waiting on Sven to release it
  31. Nÿco cool
  32. emus Luckily my Kubunutu is back 🙂 I had to run it in nomodeset - but still I can work ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
  33. emus Luckily my Kubuntu is back 🙂 I had to run it in nomodeset - but still I can work ٩(◕‿◕。)۶
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  37. emus https://www.jabber.de/xmpp-newsletter-08-november-2019-sprints-iot-und-die-anfaenge-von-twitter/#more-1716 Danke Sven! Its online!
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  39. Nÿco oh yeah!
  40. Nÿco draft tweet/toot: ===== The XMPP newsletter is again also readable in German! https://www.jabber.de/xmpp-newsletter-08-november-2019-sprints-iot-und-die-anfaenge-von-twitter/ =====
  41. Nÿco I am not inspired, have you got any original idea?
  42. emus > I am not inspired, have you got any original idea? Me? about what?
  43. Nÿco a toot/tweet
  44. DebXWoody It OK, just the information about translation. For me it's fine.
  45. emus > a toot/tweet If I think whether its good? or you want me to translate in DE?
  46. Nÿco not even sure of that :)
  47. Nÿco simple and minimalistic is cool...
  48. DebXWoody Soon, we will have 30 languages, we can not be much work just for this info. 😂
  49. Nÿco hehehe
  50. Nÿco there is only one language: XML :)
  51. emus I think its fine like this
  52. Nÿco ok, go
  53. emus Jabber.de will post a German tweet aswell
  54. Nÿco oh good
  55. Nÿco when?
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  59. emus > oh good > when? maybe today?
  60. Nÿco btw, on Mastodon we have 318 followers
  61. Nÿco https://twitter.com/xmpp/status/1197463900704444417
  62. Nÿco https://fosstodon.org/web/statuses/103175457807661214
  63. Nÿco I have drafted the two next toots/tweets: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Twitter_and_Mastodon_content
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  65. emus Nÿco: https://mobile.twitter.com/jabberde
  66. emus ups
  67. emus its the site, but not the tweet itself
  68. emus sorry
  69. emus somehow I cannot extract from my phone
  70. Nÿco https://twitter.com/jabberde/status/1197465717794377729
  71. emus thanks
  72. DebXWoody When there is a new release of a client. We should make a screen of the client in action. It will help non technical people to understand xmpp as IM.
  73. DebXWoody I can help to do such screens.
  74. emus 👍
  75. DebXWoody I thin there was a new release of pix art. I will check the notes and see what we can share.
  76. emus There is also www.omemo.top with lots of clients. I think it maybe makes more sense to advertise one client per week or so
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  78. emus spamming new updates is not of interest in the end. this is done in the newsletter already
  79. Nÿco screenshots: very good idea! :) always good to have visual content, well the lack of visuals is an issue imho it is kind of risky to put screenshots, because it is static (better than nothing) also the state of XMPP apps is not that good, not sure we do positive justice
  80. emus You can bareley connect the presentation with new features or development steps
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  86. Nÿco right
  87. Nÿco still, it is better than a logo or a screenshot of the website or repo
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  100. emus It could be something like: This week we would like to present `Client XYZ`
  101. Nÿco yeah...
  102. Nÿco so, we may have an issue
  103. Nÿco the XSF wants to keep neutrality
  104. Nÿco with Mastodon and Twitter "experiments" on contents related to software projects updates, we already break that neutrality
  105. Nÿco well, kind of
  106. Nÿco it is a matter of news: what comes in goes out, simple rule, factual
  107. Nÿco now, if we focus on one software project, which is cool, how would we select those projects? what schedule? in what terms should we talk about those?
  108. Nÿco still, that would be cool
  109. Nÿco contribute visibility
  110. Guus Let's be conservative
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  112. Nÿco hehehe, I know what you think Guus :) as an XSF member and contributor, I kind of agree with this posture now, as a promoter/evangeliser, I suffer from our painful lack of content
  113. Guus You've already improved exposure a lot. I fear that there's a great chance of backlash if we're going further.
  114. Nÿco what the XSF could do is host a community effort that community would write those articles then the local communities could translate and publish on their own websites?
  115. Guus let's first see how this work
  116. Nÿco agree
  117. Guus The XSF is stopping no-one from doing that.
  118. Nÿco I know
  119. Nÿco Guus FYI/reminder: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Twitter_and_Mastodon_content 1 Week 2019-11-18/22: software 2 Week 2019-11-25/29: XSF online+offline 3 Week 2019-12-02/06: XMPP advantages
  120. Nÿco > You've already improved exposure a lot. not completely sure, we've only filled some empty spaces, well that's my feeling/opinion, maybe a matter of glass half full/empty the different XMPP projects are still not publishing enough content (long blog posts, short tweets/toots) > I fear that there's a great chance of backlash if we're going further. what kind of backblash do you thin about?
  121. Guus people telling you to stop.
  122. Nÿco why stop? what's the problem?
  123. Guus A greater chance of people telling you to stop.
  124. Guus some might (will) think this breaks the absolute neutrality that they feel is needed.
  125. Guus note that I do desperately not want to discuss that right here and now with you
  126. Guus I'm just suggesting you to take it easy, to reduce the chance that others will gear into action against this. 🙂
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  129. emus Then we could expand the list of Client on the xsf site and advertise something like: "Have you already check the 100 available Client we listed on our site?"
  130. emus Nÿco:
  131. Nÿco yes, something like that
  132. Nÿco but to be honest, most clients offer an obsolete UX, that's not my opnion, it's the market's
  133. Nÿco I can't help but compare: when you go to the Matrix website to select a client, it is depressing, all of them are alpha or beta, nothing finished, a lot of abandonware
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  138. DebXWoody The idea of my project https://xmpp-messenger.de/ is to have a kind of local "German" community.
  139. Nÿco that's great
  140. Nÿco kind of the same as JabberFr.org
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  142. Nÿco what about a "content factory'? we co-construct content here, on the wiki, or an etherpad, or whatever tool because we have potentially more contributors than local communities then, when the content is finished, we push it to local communities, for translation and publication
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  147. DebXWoody My idea is still to have a docbook xmpp user manual. Docbook is also XML. It possible to generate HTML and PDF. It possible to work on big documents because you can split the files. I do have an example somewhere.
  148. Nÿco oh, where is it?
  149. DebXWoody But I don't know how translation is working. Maybe a private repo on codeberg.org I will check later.
  150. DebXWoody https://uploads.debxwoody.de:5281/upload/Gtt1I7v7juEhgQhB/handbuch01.png
  151. Nÿco cool
  152. DebXWoody This was the LaTeX Version,... but after this I changed to DocBook
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  164. DebXWoody If you think it would be a good idea to have a user manual, I can try to prepare an example. Just found https://packages.debian.org/buster/po4a ( manpage: https://manpages.debian.org/buster/po4a/po4a.7.en.html ). Sound like a tool to translate docbook :-)
  165. Nÿco I personally find it interesting my question would be: who would it be targetted for?
  166. Nÿco user manual, means users, ok, let's say end users, regular ones, not the technical ones I guess it has to be localised then
  167. Nÿco but then we could write "user" manuals, such as libraries users, that means devs those who deploy XMPP/Jabber servers are admins companies using (or willing to use) an XMPP/Jabber server for their employees/collaborators, would benefit from the "pros and cons"-style manual, probably "server/client-selection"-style doc?
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  173. DebXWoody For user (install Client and create an account) it is fine to have one page (md file) per operating system. The book will start with introduction, clients and accounts. This chapter is just for user. The next will be the xmpp basics. Users which would like to have more information. One chapter for provider which needs information about xmpp servers etc. Maybe is a xmpp guide along with the RFCs and XEPs.
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  188. emus ok, we will see
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