XSF Communications Team - 2019-12-10

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  8. DebXWoody emus, "ProcessOne has published bugfix release ejabberd 19.09.1" is missing in German Newsletter?
  9. emus Ok. do you have access?
  10. emus Im not at my desktop, can someone edit or leave a note?
  11. DebXWoody I will
  12. emus thx
  13. Licaon_Kter DebXWoody: that news was published in November yes....
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  15. DebXWoody Licaon_Kter, emus, Nÿco: I see. We need to remove "ProcessOne has published bugfix release ejabberd 19.09.1" from English version?
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  17. DebXWoody Because is there: https://xmpp.org/2019/11/newsletter-08-november/
  18. Licaon_Kter DebXWoody: no
  19. Licaon_Kter It's ok in November, but at some point it ended up in drafts for December too
  20. Licaon_Kter I've guess you meant December...
  21. DebXWoody Yes, that's what I mean. Has been reported https://xmpp.org/2019/11/newsletter-08-november/ - fine. But no need to report https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XMPP_Newsletter_December_2019 here. Correct?
  22. emus Yesterday I dropped December
  23. emus about november
  24. DebXWoody emus, Extensions and specifications - I will do a small fix "Dieser Monat, nichts in Last Call, Proposed, Obsoleted (Letzter Aufruf, *Neu* oder Veraltet)" There was some new.
  25. emus DebXWoody: stop
  26. emus you are changing the content
  27. DebXWoody emus, ?
  28. emus I only do translations. please always refer to the current newsletter which is in the make to add or remove informations
  29. emus Nÿco:
  30. emus Can you also comment
  31. emus DebXWoody: please wait before you continue
  32. DebXWoody Yes,... that's fine. Where is the problem?
  33. emus DebXWoody: You said there were new XEPs or so?
  34. DebXWoody emus‎, yes: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XMPP_Newsletter_December_2019#New
  35. DebXWoody https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/index.php?title=German_Newsletter_translation_of_Dezember_2019&type=revision&diff=12362&oldid=12361
  36. emus DebXWoody: Please make a not. need to crosscheck
  37. DebXWoody Thats all what I did. Just like the english version
  38. DebXWoody https://uploads.debxwoody.de/upload/dz3IGa5ruirDTv9q/wiki.png
  39. DebXWoody https://uploads.debxwoody.de/upload/JDqfyIjQ5vg06j96/wiki2.png
  40. emus DebXWoody: Yes, very good you saw that. but the redaction is acutally closed I think
  41. emus I recommend to just crosschecl the current work abput the next release
  42. emus I only do translations, I think that will get chaotic if I start editing the content aswell
  43. DebXWoody Yes, just translation based on the English version at this time. The two XEPs are defined in Section "New" in the English Version of the Newsletter. In German it was like "This month, nothing in Last Call, Proposed, New, Obsoleted). That's not correct. Anyway, you can cross check: * In the German Version is Ppjet6 this it not the case in the Englisch Version * Double check the ejabberd 19.09.1 I think all other thinks are fine.
  44. emus Okay, thanks. Will cros@check
  45. emus Okay, thanks. Will crosscheck
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