XSF Communications Team - 2019-12-15

  1. Neustradamus

    -> https://twitter.com/neustradamus/status/1206252233731514369

  2. emus

    Neustradamus: Whats the main tweet?

  3. Neustradamus

    @xmpp tweet

  4. Neustradamus


  5. Neustradamus

    My eyes burn (the first problem has been solved in 2017)

  6. Neustradamus

    The second this year.

  7. emus

    Ok, I also think thats not an appropiate way to tell them

  8. Neustradamus

    It is old subject (one trace here): https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/608

  9. pep.

    Neustradamus, maybe you could have told FOSDEM you're not talking about them

  10. pep.

    Also maybe not put that online.. but ask here

  11. pep.

    Rather than this confusing answer

  12. pep.

    Communication is important as you say.

  13. Neustradamus

    -> https://fosdem.org/2020/search/?q=xmpp not a lot of informations about XMPP on the website

  14. pep.

    What do you mean

  15. Neustradamus

    @xmpp Dec 12 Yesterday, we were at the POSS in Paris, France Tomorrow, we will be at FOSDEM, in Brussels, Belgium Also we will hold our 24th XMPP Summit two days before the FOSDEM

  16. Neustradamus

    How it was the FOSDEM?

  17. pep.

    You saw FOSDEM reply to your comment right?

  18. pep.

    I understand it they took it for them.

  19. pep.

    You could have say it wasn't for them.

  20. Neustradamus

    Note: we are the Dec 15, two days after the FOSDEM dixit the tweet

  21. pep.

    Ok I'll stop here.. I was just trying to help

  22. pep.

    Seems we don't understand each other

  23. Neustradamus

    The tweet was for @xmpp

  24. Neustradamus

    For the logo problem

  25. pep.

    That's not my point.

  26. Neustradamus

    And about the text, there is an error

  27. Neustradamus

    FOSDEM is in 2020 not two days ago.

  28. pep.

    I guess you don't understand the figure of speech.

  29. Neustradamus

    I know it, but not all people.

  30. Licaon_Kter

    Neustradamus: i think natives will get it just fine, "yesterday....., tomorrow...." is a known saying

  31. emus

    Neustradamus: If you see any problems please come here first