XSF Communications Team - 2019-12-20

  1. DebXWoody

    BTW, there is an German Article about messenger in the iX 01

  2. DebXWoody

    hmm 馃槖

  3. SouL

    Where's that article, DebXWoody?

  4. DebXWoody

    iX is a German magazine from heise Verlag. It's very famous in Germany.

  5. N每co


  6. N每co

    January: 2020-01-30 Mon: copywriting starts 2020-01-03 Fri: end of link submission, PR on GitHub 2020-01-07 Tue: newsletter publication, blog post, promotion tweets

  7. N每co


  8. N每co

    a thread in German: https://fosstodon.org/web/statuses/103334926519400442

  9. Martin

    N每co: > remember: > January: > 2020-01-30 Mon: copywriting starts 2019-12-30 I guess

  10. N每co


  11. Martin

    You are ahead if time. 馃槂

  12. N每co

    a true visionary! :)

  13. N每co

    fixed, thx

  14. Martin

    Derier (probably written very wrong 馃榿)

  15. N每co

    did you mean "de rien"? :)

  16. Martin


  17. Martin

    I only know how to say it not to write it. 馃槀

  18. Martin

    Never learned french but often worked with Alstom.

  19. N每co

    in French, the swearwords are useful...

  20. Martin

    I only know merde

  21. Martin

    And at Alstom Katowice I heard Kurva a lot. 馃槀