XSF Communications Team - 2020-01-11

  1. Martin

    Is the newsletter out already?

  2. Martin

    I found a big misstake

  3. Martin

    profanity 0.8.0 is not released

  4. Martin

    The linked twitter post says what will come in 0.8.0 but 0.7.1 is still the last release

  5. emus

    I would just take that as a Redaction to the next newsletter. Is not a security problem, or?

  6. Martin

    No, but the newsletter is not yet out, at least I didn't receive it, so we could just remove this section.

  7. Guus


  8. Guus

    Someone just pointed me at this (see top). I will gladly accept my new role as cover model 😁

  9. Guus

    Note that I haven't yet read the article

  10. debacle

    Martin, emus, shall I just remove the mistake about profanity?

  11. debacle

    I have write access to the page.

  12. emus

    debacle: if that is wrong, I would say yes

  13. debacle

    I assume an misunderstanding. The Twitter post talks about a *future* release 0.8.0. That was accidently interpreted as a release that happened.

  14. debacle