XSF Communications Team - 2020-01-20

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  21. Nÿco https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Twitter_and_Mastodon_content
  22. Nÿco hey, we have to prepare content for the Summit/FOSDEM
  23. emus Nÿco: what was done for the recent years?
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  25. Nÿco I believe most people tweeted from their own accounts, or their brand/company
  26. Nÿco I think we must encourage that, of course
  27. Nÿco but also put up something specifically for the XSF
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  32. emus My question was rather, what exactly habe you prepared and made for the last events?
  33. Nÿco nothing from the XSF, as far as I know from me, it was just "live" covering
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  50. emus Can you tell me the dates and how many of us are there? I need some understand to make cool suggestions
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  56. Licaon_Kter https://blog.prosody.im/prosody-0.11.4-released/
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