XSF Communications Team - 2020-02-06

  1. DebXWoody

    "A history of end-to-end encryption and the death of PGP" why has this been added to the newsletter? `PGP is officially dead.` I didn't know.

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  9. Nÿco

    because it contains good info/insight/thought on encryption

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  13. Martin

    I don't find that link. Can you point me at it?

  14. nyco


  15. nyco


  16. Martin

    nyco: thanks!

  17. Martin

    Ah the current newsletter. I was looking in the link collection for the next. 😂

  18. nyco


  19. DebXWoody

    I will double check, if I have time. As far as I understood the article was telling that OpenPGP is dead. This is wrong.

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  21. nyco

    this is an opinion

  22. nyco

    like saying XMPP is dead

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  24. Licaon_Kter

    > this is an opinion > like saying XMPP is dead Yes and no, when even geeks find PGP cumbersome you can't just hand wave it like that

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  26. nyco

    probably, yes... like geeks saying XMPP is dead 🙂

  27. DebXWoody

    > Erkrath, January 7, 2020. On November 15, 2019, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) approved the release for Gpg4win, version 3.x, and Gpg4KDE for the transmission and processing of national classified information up to and including the level of confidentiality VS-ONLY FOR SERVICE USE (VS-NfD), RESTREINT UE / EU RESTRICTED and NATO RESTRICTED granted (BSI-VS-10400, BSI-VSA-10412).

  28. nyco

    what country?

  29. DebXWoody


  30. DebXWoody

    OK, at least in Germany is in not dead.

  31. nyco

    just dying? 🙂

  32. nyco

    peetah wow, you linkified all the links in your French translation! yoohoo! \o/

  33. peetah

    From EFAIL (https://efail.de) we learn that the protocol itself is flawed and requires some change in order to be safe again. From there, any PGP encrypted document is to be considered potentially compromised

  34. peetah

    I'm no crypto expert, but I guess that's why PGP is claimed to be dead

  35. nyco

    ah ok

  36. DebXWoody


  37. peetah

    nyco: it's been more than 20 years that I'm lurking on linuxfr, so now that I found a way to be useful, I'd like it be to done as perfect as I can :)

  38. nyco

    thx a lot peetah

  39. nyco

    hey all, I still have that regular meeting in mind I also want to do a survey on the newsletter, after more than a year who could help?

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  80. nyco

    I have added this card to our Trello: https://trello.com/c/FCh0lsZw/7-new-section-is-newsletter-related-to-calls-for-contributions

  81. nyco

    who proposed that? sorry, I messed up my memories

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