XSF Communications Team - 2020-02-22

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  57. emus Hey Comm Team. Is there any documentation about Fonts, and letter sizes for the newsletter?
  58. emus nyco:
  59. emus What means SIG
  60. emus During the 36C3 in December 2019, a bunch of people finalized the idea to form a SIG dedicated to end-to-end encryption.
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  63. Licaon_Kter emus: special interetsst group
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  65. Licaon_Kter More burecracy :)
  66. emus thx
  67. pep. nyco, when you see see, I wonder if it's possible to share mastodon credentials to somebody else in commteam at least. So you're not the SPOF for this platform. There has been a few things that could have been boosted etc. since summit :)
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  70. pep. nyco, when you see this, I wonder if it's possible to share mastodon credentials to somebody else in commteam at least. So you're not the SPOF for this platform. There has been a few things that could have been boosted etc. since summit :)
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  74. emus How to translate this to German? MAM Fastening Collation I guess thats wrong: MAM-Befestigungs-Zusammenstellung
  75. emus vanitasvitae, Martin:
  76. Martin Bündeln evtl. or verknüpfen. I'm not so familiar with this xep.
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  80. emus MAM Bündelung?
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  87. emus Okay, ready for review. I'd say 48 hours to review. But would be great if you are quicker
  88. emus https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/German_Newsletter_translation_of_January_2020#Extensions_and_specifications_.28Erweiterungen_und_Spezifikationen.29
  89. emus ups
  90. emus https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/German_Newsletter_translation_of_January_2020
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  93. emus The Berlin and Düsseldorf Sprint is mentioned in the upcoming newsletters?
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  99. pep. emus, I don't think XEP names are translated in french.
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  101. emus Yes, I was hassling with this, but then decided to transalate somehow
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  120. emus Don't forget: Suscríbase por correo electrónico https://tinyletter.com/xmpp
  121. pep. :)
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  134. vanitasvitae did some translation fixing.
  135. vanitasvitae emus, I'd not try translating XEP titles btw.
  136. vanitasvitae Especially MAM Fastening Collation is not really translatable in an esthetic way 😀
  137. pep. You might want to provide a small description in german, maybe
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  140. emus Okay. then I leave it finally.
  141. emus pep.: Describe was always below
  142. emus like the english one
  143. pep. ok
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  146. emus Description*
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  149. emus Befestigungselemente ? 😅️ Haltelemente eher?
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  155. emus Danke für die Korrekturen!
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  169. vanitasvitae > Befestigungselemente ? 😅️ Haltelemente eher? Frachtsicherungselemente :D
  170. emus Ah, das passt!!!! 📝
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  175. emus I suggest to continously related to were the translations >will< be released. I can never have a translation ready with the English original. This time, as I havent been here, only with delay. However, people can always go there and subscribe to the RSS
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  178. emus What was MLS again?
  179. Martin e2e encryption that (is/going to be) an IETF standard.
  180. Martin https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/mls/about/
  181. emus thanks
  182. emus was bedeute das: XMPP Shortage Audit
  183. Martin uff
  184. Martin Shortage usually is Knappheit/Mangel but can also have different meanings depending on usage.
  185. Martin https://www.dict.cc/?s=shortage
  186. Martin Maybe an audit about what might be deficiencies of XMPP…
  187. emus Hm, I meant, what does it actually mean?
  188. emus whats audited?
  189. Martin The same as audit in german
  190. Martin Duden says Überprüfung https://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Audit
  191. emus but what is the shortage, shortage of what?
  192. Martin I don't know. I didn't find time yet to read the links in the newsletter.
  193. vanitasvitae Ich würde es XMPP Mängelanalyse nennen
  194. vanitasvitae Passt vom Kontext her am besten
  195. Martin Jo, klingt gut
  196. vanitasvitae Ging halt darum zu gucken, was XMPP (momentan) nicht gut macht
  197. Martin notes to read that
  198. Martin probably interesting
  199. Martin I guess it's missing marketing and onboarding.
  200. emus > Ich würde es XMPP Mängelanalyse nennen > Passt vom Kontext her am besten Danke!
  201. emus And fight against vendor lock^^
  202. emus Ready steady go: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/German_Newsletter_translation_of_February_2020
  203. emus Martin
  204. Licaon_Kter Soo much schutrel...
  205. emus vanitasvitae
  206. emus schrudel schrudel everywhere
  207. emus y ahora: ESPANOL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxyMAA6LbP4
  208. emus ahh manana^^
  209. emus first I need some reviews before I start with spanish
  210. Martin Licaon_Kter: > Soo much schutrel... Go to poezio muc and get some fromage, maybe you like that more 😂 emus: hope i'll find time tobreview tomorrow.
  211. pep. Martin, :P
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  214. emus Added Sprint info to March - guys, how can you forget!
  215. emus pep. can we also link to the other translations overhere: https://xmpp.org/newsletter.html
  216. emus The releases are always coming via www.jabber.de atm
  217. emus nyco:
  218. pep. emus, yes sure!
  219. pep. If you can PR that, otherwise I can do it
  220. emus How to PR?
  221. emus ahh wait
  222. emus just see the github relation
  223. emus pep.: yep is out
  224. pep. yep I saw that
  225. pep. done :)
  226. pep. Thanks
  227. emus Sure
  228. emus Something is strange here: https://xmpp.org/software/clients.html I just saw that Monal is not in the list, then I though ok I make a PR. But actually it is already entered in the list. What do I not get correctly?
  229. pep. Please don't make a PR for a client you're not a contributor of. I don't remember exactly what was decided by board, but that's generally a touchy topic
  230. pep. Maybe Anu forgot to renew it
  231. pep. yeah that's it
  232. pep. last_renewed is too far past
  233. emus Ah okay, will remind him about
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